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Visualization and meditation are powerful forces that can help you control your body with your thoughts. We consulted many experts as well as our community members to provide solutions that have helped many women conceive, heal after cancer treatment, and achieve other important health goals.

Increasing Chance of IUI Success – Angela’s Story

PREGNANT AFTER FOUR FAILED IUIs. I truly was excited to regain control over my own mental state. I do believe the mind is powerful and influences the body. My partner and I decided to start trying to expand our family thirteen long months ago. We have two lovely daughters from our previous relationships… Read more “Increasing Chance of IUI Success – Angela’s Story”

Mike Berkley, L.Ac, Berkley Center for Reproductive Wellness

Mike BerkleyI highly recommend the Circle + Bloom programs to complement acupuncture for fertility – in fact, we offer our patients the ability to listen… Read more “Mike Berkley, L.Ac, Berkley Center for Reproductive Wellness”