Cancer Visualization Complete Program

Cancer Recovery and Treatment

Healing from Cancer

Believe. Visualize. Heal: Guided visualization for all aspects of cancer treatment and recovery.

with Joanne Verkuilen from Circle+Bloom

Tap into the incredible powers of the subconscious by using guided imagery. A proven way to not only help your body find the balance it needs for self-healing and unlock your potential to fearlessly live your life to your full capacity.

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What is it and how does it work?

  • An enjoyable guided imagery system for each stage of cancer treatment and recovery
  • Easy to use, you simply listen, visualize and through self-care and love…tap into the body’s natural state of healing
  • Taps into the power of the mind-body connection, a proven way to communicate with your body
  • A unique combination of using words, music and guided imagery to promote health and healing from cancer
  • Technical and highly physical visualizations into your body, the cancer, and visualizing healing
  • Like the placebo effect, which is a proven cure brought about by a belief, this program uses visual imagery and when combined with the power of conviction can bring about miraculous instances of self-healing
  • The programs cover all treatment protocols to induce confidence and optimism, which can greatly improve your treatment effectiveness
  • Customized to your exact treatment protocol: we have programs designed for chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery as well as self-healing visualizations to support you before, during or after treatment
  • A way for you to do something every single day to support yourself on the road to recovery
  • The only program with over [6] hours of audio, that offers specialized support for chemotherapy, radiation and surgery – in addition to covering new areas of treatment such as immunotherapy and angiogenesis

“Meditation and visualization are powerful tools to help you be aware of your true needs and then make them happen. Seeing what you want in your mind’s eye helps convince your unconscious that it’s possible, and that helps create an atmosphere of healing and hope.”
~ Dr. Bernie Siegel

What Can You Expect?

  • Miracles may happen my friend! Allowing yourself the belief that this system can work, and along with your treatment cycles, that complete healing can occur
  • Greater feelings of control over your body, your cancer, and various treatment options
  • Improvement in overall feelings of optimism coupled with stress reduction
  • Improved self-care that comes about from feelings of optimism and greater levels of control
  • Higher levels of feeling mindful and grateful for each minute, each hour, each day, each week and each year
  • Shedding feelings of regret, anger and helplessness

Who Will Benefit from This?

  • Breast cancer patients, ovarian cancer, pancreatic cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, brain cancer…really any type of cancer patients can experience the full benefits
  • Gender neutral, so any man or woman can get the full benefits of the program
  • Any age, from young to old – there is no age restriction on being able to visualize your body self-healing
  • Any stage of cancer…ignore the statistics and what your Doctor may have told you as you will defy the logic
  • Treatment protocols vary widely, so the programs are built with this in mind…each element of the program can be used at anytime to correspond to exactly where you are in your treatment cycle
  • Any religious belief system, and all visualizations are peaceful images

“When dealing with a diagnosis of cancer, it can sometimes feel as if you have lost all control over everything – your life and even over your own body.  That overwhelming feeling completely changed for me when I began listening to the Circle + Bloom Cancer program.  The visualizations helped me to both relax and focus on the positive aspects of the treatments.  For example, instead of viewing chemotherapy as a medicine that would make me sick or lose my hair, I began to see it as a “positive force” that was going to help my body beat cancer and to heal.  I suddenly felt empowered – that I could help myself during this process.  What an amazing feeling that was to realize that my attitude and my actions made a difference in the treatment of my cancer.  Circle + Bloom gave me back that power.  As a result, I was able to get through my treatments with minimum side effects.”
~ Colleen


We have specific programs and sessions to cover all aspects of your treatment, as well as visualizations to focus on self-healing.  The following lists all of the 20 different sessions that make up the entire program:


We have the most robust set of programs that help you get the full benefit of chemotherapy in a supportive way.

We designed the programs very carefully to think through each aspect of treatment, and decided to create programs based on pre-treatment, during-treatment and post-treatment.


Pre-treatment Programs

We have 3 different programs designed to be listened to as you prepare for chemotherapy treatment. They can be listened to in any sequence.

  • Chemotherapy Pre-Treatment Program A: Strengthening the immune system through a highly involved visualization of how immunity works and how it is boosted. Visualization using the symbolism of rivers and crystal clear waters that cleanse, hydrate and remove toxins.
  • Chemotherapy Pre-Treatment Program B: Balancing the body and reducing inflammation while increasing the powers of noticing the messages of your intuition. Integrating the power of the placebo effect using the imagery of taking an all-powerful pill.
  • Chemotherapy Pre-Treatment Program C: Just like how star Olympic athletes might visualize their performance the night before an event, we will visualize the details that will surround your actual treatment in receiving chemotherapy. By playing out how the day will unfold, we lessen our fears and improve feelings of courage and optimism. We begin to really understand the positive powers of the drug and prepare our mind and body to receive it.

During Chemotherapy Programs

We have 3 different programs designed to be listened to as you actually receive your chemotherapy treatment. Most likely, you will be able to actually listen to these programs during the exact time that you will receive treatment. They can be listened to in any sequence.

  • Chemotherapy During Treatment Program A: See the chemotherapy as an intelligent “arrow” that speeds directly to its cancerous target, and only that area as it ignores and doesn’t impact the healthy functioning of the rest of your body, minimizing side effects. Having only the cancerous area be “highlighted” in your visualization so it attracts the chemotherapy drug.
  • Chemotherapy During Treatment Program B: We “relax” into a bath filled with special water that allows beams of light from under us stream through our bodies to promote balance and fill ourselves with peace. This visualization will help us relax into the treatment and feel safe and supported.
  • Chemotherapy During Treatment Program C: Going microscopic, we visualize our cancer cells, and how the chemotherapy drug is taking the life out of them through a visualization of your choosing. It’s important to choose a visualization that makes sense to you.

Post Chemotherapy Programs

Again, we have created 2 impactful programs that can be listened to anytime, but we suggest after you have completed your chemotherapy regimen.

  • Chemotherapy Post Treatment Program A: Chemotherapy sometimes weakens the immune system, so this program is specifically designed to focus on your immune system. We visualize and pinpoint exactly how the body improves its immunity, seeing it happen right before our eyes. You can listen to this program anytime you might need an immunity boost.
  • Chemotherapy Post Treatment Program B: We detoxify the body in this session by passing a special, microscopic mesh or screen through the body to collect cells or anything else that may not belong in the body. Using intuition as your guide, you “clean” the body fully and completely.

“Another of the amazing benefits I found from listening to the program, was the effect it had on me even when I was not currently listening to the program.  There were many times, while I was receiving treatments, or not feeling my best, when I would find myself bringing to mind certain visualizations or instructions from the program.  I was able to relax and focus on these images and help bring myself to a better, calmer place. ”
~ Patricia



We have developed four programs to support your radiation treatments. Three of the four programs are designed to be listened to strengthen your body before the radiation treatments, and then one to listen to after you are completed.

  • Radiation Treatment Program A: This session helps you get a very clear understanding of your cancer, and helping to visualize exactly where it is in your body, what it looks like and how it is impacting its surroundings. By spending this time before radiation, you will be able to more powerfully shape and guide the impact of the radiation treatment.
  • Radiation Treatment Program B: Just like how star Olympic athletes might visualize their performance the night before an event, we will visualize the details that will surround your actual treatment in receiving radiation. By playing out how the day will unfold, we lessen our fears and improve feelings of courage and optimism. We begin to really understand the positive powers of the procedure and prepare our mind and body to receive it.
  • Radiation Treatment Program C: Expanding on the “A” program, we further identify and visualize the cancer cells this time going a bit further and seeing the actual cell membrane (or the cellular “skin”) and see it begin to be weakened. We also help to visualize how the radiation only impacts the cancer cells, and not any other healthy functioning parts of our body.
  • Post Radiation Treatment: Visualizing the cancerous cells withering and weakening, while healing any other healthy parts of our body. This program should be listened to frequently post radiation to stimulate the body gaining its homeostasis again.

“It is difficult to put into words just how much the Circle + Bloom Healing from Cancer program helped me, Joanne. I was diagnosed with cancer seven years ago, for the second time. I had two young children, one child in middle school, and I was paralyzed with anxiety. Circle + Bloom’s meditation helped me immensely during this time. I looked forward to the end of the day when I could lie down and drift away to a safe, calm place. I found the guided meditation to be incredibly empowering and I believe it really helped me to beat my cancer. I also think that the background music and guided meditation used are superior to other meditation programs I have tried. Nothing was jarring, everything seemed to flow and create a great sense of peace and well being. ”
~ Kristen



There are two programs that fully support you when preparing for and healing after surgery.

  • Pre Surgery Visualization: In this program, we help to fully prepare the mind and body for your surgery. We seek to strengthen feelings of control, which has multiplying effects to your minimizing fear and improving your overall outlook for a perfect outcome.
  • Post Surgery Visualization: We focus on the healing that begins to almost immediately take place after your surgery. This is the same program that we suggest you listen to after all treatment for your cancer is concluded as well. We visualize light as being the most beneficial healing energy that is received into the body for improved immunity, reduction of inflammation and overall homeostasis.

“Your programs are what kept me grounded throughout my treatment and I am so thankful to have them as an integral part of my cancer treatment. ”
~ Col

“Your Healing from Cancer program has been invaluable to me over the last year! The different sessions helped me get through chemo, radiation, and are now helping me with my post-cancer treatments. Thank you for all you and your team do!”
~ Edie


Self-Healing Protocols

We believe the power of guided imagery and visualization can work miracles. Through our research and interviews with the leading cancer researchers today, we have developed four very special self-healing programs that allow you to tap into the ideas and theories driving the latest in cancer research.

  • Developing your Mind Body Awareness: We all have the power to visualize for healing, but it makes it much more impactful when it is a special visualization just for you. In this program, we help you identify the exact right types of visualization that will be customized just for you. This program also introduces you to the power of the mind-body connection and sets the stage for all future programs.
  • Angiogenesis: This sounds high-tech and fancy, but essentially it means the growth of new blood vessels (angio means blood vessel and genesis means origination and growth). Researchers are discovering that cancer cells grow and die all the time within the body, but it’s only when the cells begin to be supported by its own network of blood vessels, that the cancer begins to grow aggressively and becomes dangerous.In this special visualization, we turn a spotlight on the network of blood vessels around your cancer cells and visualize them withering, loosing energy and dissolving. We then visualize the balancing overall in the body as aggressive growth of blood vessels may be a sign of other imbalances, and can even be the reason for Alzheimer’s or other diseases.
  • Immunotherapy: Immunotherapy also sounds complicated, but it is a very simple concept: harnessing the power of one’s own immune system to target and fight the cancer. It’s a very individualized process; the theory holds that each cancer is highly specialized and no two cancer cells are the same. Individual therapies are designed using their own immune system as the defensive weapon. It’s a very exciting threshold for cancer research and therapies.In this visualization, we use these theories to conduct a guided imagery to essentially perform these same acts. We first boost and visualize our immune function, and then visualize the immune cells (white blood cells, T-cells, etc.), including a specific focus on the bone marrow and Thymus gland as the originators of such cells, and then see them become highly
    specialized to consume the cancer cells.
  • Healing through Light: This program is less designed on the latest research and scientific theories, but no less impactful on the ability to use imagery for self-healing. This is based on the idea that light is the ultimate source of energy…that nothing would exist without light. It is the fundamental source of our existence, and if you are spiritual, you can think of God in this same context.In this program, we utilize a very powerful visualization that will tap into this source of energy to infiltrate your entire physical, mental and spiritual being. We allow it to fill us, cleanse us, heal us, and empower us.


“I was introduced to Circle + Bloom by a patient that was using the program and loving it. I was very impressed with the quality and content and now offer my patients the ability to listen to their programs during their acupuncture sessions. I personally have been using their Energy for Empowerment program and have had profound experiences especially with the metabolism session. I now recreate the visualization exercises whenever I think of it throughout the day to regain the healing relaxation energy I feel when I am listening to the programs.”
~ Elizabeth Hudler, Acupuncturist FABORM – Koru Health Center


Having trouble sleeping or having enough energy to accomplish all of your goals? This program is for you. Four unique mind-body guided visualizations that take you inside your body to help improve key components of energy; metabolism, endocrine circulation and sleep. Program includes our Blissful Sleep Download Program!


Questions? We’ve Got your Answers!

If It’s So Effective, Why Hasn’t My Doctor Told Me About It?

Modern medicine has given us untold and truly boundless stories of healing. Mankind has benefited to an enormous degree to the scientific method and discoveries of pharmaceuticals and inoculations, not to mention advancements in surgical procedures.

However, because of the scientific theory, we have left the ideas of self-healing through the mind-body connections to the side. It seems as if the “story” of our healthcare system today says that medicine and healing only occurs from the neck-down.

But, this ignores the centuries of wisdom passed through the ages. Emotions play a role in our health. Feelings and imagery, as well as the placebo effect all can be life affirming or destroying.

The good news is that there are many forward thinking physicians who are promoting such self-healing and care…Dr. Bernie Seigel, Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Carl Simonton – to name a few. We highly recommend Dr. Seigel’s book Love, Medicine and Miracles for untold stories of self-healing through the mind-body connection.

How Exactly Does Guided Imagery Heal?

We’ve got three answers for you:

1. The Placebo Effect, which is also a cure that originates in the mind. When a person takes what he or she thinks is a real drug that will help her alleviate various symptoms, even if it’s a sugar pill, the results and effects can be exactly the same as if she had taken the real pharmceutical. The mind is a very powerful organ in the body and acts as commander of communication. Even though our lungs, heart, immune system or blood flow doesn’t actually speak in words, there is a very intricate and impactful way in which the body communicates within. The mind, including our emotions and belief system, plays an enormous role in this.

2. When you visualize, you believe, and when you believe, you heal. Connected and intertwined with the placebo effect, belief in what your body is capable of can instill real change from within. The mind’s eye, which is not capable of discerning when you are visualizing something versus actually experiencing something, acts as the conduit and base level fo response and communication within the body. Very simply, if you see a juicy piece of fruit that you are about to bit into, you will begin to salivate. If you simply imagine that same piece of fruit, you will also begin to salivate. It’s the same theory. Visualization versus actually experiencing something is the same thing. You can communicate and tell your body to do certain things by visualizing.

3. It certainly can’t hurt, and it feels good to be doing everything you can to help beat the cancer. Helping yourself by taking action takes you out of the victim mentality and puts into you a state of empowerment. Endorphins, or happy chemicals, will flood the system as you take action and send “live” messages to your body that help boost your immune system. This fact alone is a great reason to use our programs.

But, My Cancer is Incurable.
Your cancer may be incurable, but you are still here on this planet right now. You are meant to live the best life you can, no matter how long you have left. Feel your best by taking action. Feel your best by allowing self-healing to be a possibility in your life. Feel your best by visualizing your future self as happy, independent, full of self-love and care. Our programs give you the footing and the emotional support to do just that.


  • Download files contain 19 Mp3 files, containing approximately 7.4 hours. Downloads are both PC and Mac compatible, and are simple ZIP file that when extracted as all of the programs to be either played directly on your computer (headsets would be fantastic with this option, and a chair or couch nearby), or synced onto your iPod, iPhone, or other Mp3 player. For a more complete description of the downloading instructions, click here.
  • CD-Set contains 7 CDs that are playable on a CD player, as well as on your computer (with a CD or DVD compatible drive)
  • Purchase completely risk-free as we completely guarantee our programs with a full 100% money-back guarantee.

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