An Active Role In Fertility

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A new specialty yoga class at Element Natural Healing Arts in Brooklyn, New York is designed especially for women struggling with infertility.

As a wellness center specializing in acupuncture, we see many patients dealing with infertility on a regular basis. Acupuncture has gained much recognition for helping aid in fertility, but having an active role in your health goals may be just as important as receiving treatments. Developing a regular yoga practice can significantly reduce stress (among many other benefits) which is extremely important for a woman’s body while trying to conceive, especially if she has other factors working against her.

In our Yoga for Fertility class, instructor and acupuncturist Liza Uma Pollock brings the best of both worlds together, helping women calm their minds while focusing on poses and acupressure points that can aid in fertility. We asked Liza to answer a few questions for Circle + Bloom readers who can’t make it to class a themselves.

Why is yoga beneficial for fertility?

Yoga that includes a physical practice as well as deep relaxation, breathing techniques and meditation reminds us that our bodies, minds and emotions are not separate. Bringing balance to any one of these areas will have a ripple effect on balancing the whole system. Asanas (or poses) can benefit and improve the function of the reproductive system by increasing circulation and building strength & flexibility, especially around the pelvic area.

What poses are best for enhancing fertility?

Half and/or Full Locust pose is great for increasing circulation to and toning the abdominal and reproductive organs. This pose is done lying down on the stomach with the chin on the mat and the hands tucked under the tops of the thighs, or for increased benefit with the arms tucked inside the hips giving more pressure to the abdomen. In Half Locust one leg is raised at a time, keeping the leg straight, bringing it up as high as is comfortable without straining and holding each side for about 15 seconds. In Full Locust, both legs are raised.

Another beneficial posture is Bow Pose. This is also done lying on the stomach with the forehead on the floor to start, reaching the arms along the sides of the body, bending the knees and holding on to the feet or ankles. Keeping the arms straight, press the ankles into the hands lifting the legs if possible and keeping the knees hip distance apart, and also lifting the head, neck and chest. This posture has the same benefits as Locust but to a greater degree, sending blood to the abdominal organs, as well as improving the health of the ovaries and adrenals.

What is a common acupressure point for fertility and how can someone access that on their own?

Although each woman seeking treatment for fertility will receive an individual diagnosis and treatment protocol, in almost all cases, points along the Kidney channel would be chosen. The first point on the Kidney channel, Yong Quan (translated into Gushing Spring) is beneficial for fertility and will activate the Kidney Qi, or roughly translated, the energy within the Kidney channel and organ. According to Chinese medicine, the Kidneys support the functioning of all the organs in the body and have everything to do with reproduction, growth and development. Kidney 1 is located on the sole of the foot approximately 1/3 of the distance from the base of the second toe to the heel. This point can be rubbed with the thumb while applying medium pressure.

Optimally, regular acupuncture treatments and yoga practice together may significantly help women struggling to get pregnant or compliment other forms of treatment for pregnancy. Please consult your physician or acupuncturist before making any changes to your routine. For more information about Element Natural Healing Arts and Yoga for Fertility class, please visit our website at

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  • Dr. Ann Lee, ND, L.Ac September 7, 2012, 11:44 pm

    Thank you for sharing! I agree that yoga is a great addition to living the fertility lifestyle, and a wonderful stress reliever for our busy lifestyles!

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