Support Groups

Following Your Yellow Brick Road

This is a guest blog post by Fertility Within Reach (“FWR”), a nonprofit organization that focuses on educating the infertility community on how to advocate for access to family-building benefits, including infertility treatment. Davina, the co-founder of FWR, believes that when individuals are armed with information and best-practice suggestions, they become their own best advocate [...]

Insurance. I bet half of you just tensed up, and the other half’s eyes have already started glazing over. Hang in there, this is important! If you can get past your initial apprehension about having to deal with the often bureaucratic nightmare that is insurance coverage, you are in a position to really help yourself [...]

Communicating with Physician

When facing infertility, one of the first areas where you will need to practice self advocacy and strong communication is when you start meeting with a fertility specialist. Establishing these practices right from the start will set you up for success. Visiting a fertility specialist can be overwhelming and difficult, especially when you are faced [...]

When it comes to getting pregnant, it seems that everyone in your life wants to have their say and provide you with their opinions (whether those opinions are wanted or not). Unfortunately, negative influences do not help you get pregnant. Disapproving looks from your mother-in-law and rude questions from co-workers can definitely take a toll [...]

We are happy to share with you a guest blog post from one of our customers who has turned her pain into creating a Fertility Wellness Workshop in NYC this coming Saturday. So if you are live in the area then please be sure to check out the details. Read her story below, and find [...]

We are pleased to be working with mind-body series to help you learn powerful visualization techniques for not only your Registration Required There is no charge for this event, but you must register as space is limited. Please register via phone or email: 212.685.0985 /

Resolve NE Conference 2010

What a difference a year makes! Last year, we were a new company and just simply attended the event.  This year, however, not only were we exhibitors, speakers, but Sue is also on the board and helped run the event. That's progress! The day started wonderfully with Melissa Ford delivering the keynote speech over breakfast [...]

"Infertility is where breast cancer was in the 1970s—completely in the closet."- Lindsay Beck, Fertile Hope Thank you Jennifer Wolff Perrine for this amazing article in the August issue of Self Magazine. It explores the fact that there are so many women having trouble conceiving, but nobody feels comfortable talking about it. As a company, [...]

This week will mark the first time that Circle + Bloom as a company is officially part of Resolve's NIAW movement. We are so proud to be part of the Infertility community, seeking to bring awareness, empowerment and mind-body knowledge to you and the 80 million couples around the world struggling with this very physical [...]

RESOLVE to find support

There are many ways to cope with infertility.  Our program is one way.  Joining a support group and connecting with woman who are experiencing similar emotional ups and downs is another proven way to minimize stress and uncertainty.  Friends and family can provide some support, but even the best of friends can't truly understand what [...]