Women’s Health

Guest blog by Cathy, a fitness writer at Garage Gym Planner. Cancer affects billions of people worldwide and has earned its reputation of being an aggressive and terrible illness. Today, mental health is taken very seriously and is a huge part of many peoples’ lives, so it’s key to remember that what and how we [...]

Guest blog by Cassie Brewer. We live in a fast-paced world. Our everyday lives are filled with to-do lists and we are a constant stream of activity. After a while, that constant activity can really start to weigh you down. Your mind and body start to feel overworked, worn out and even disconnected from the [...]

Guest blog by Nicole Aurelio. For a long time now, science has been quietly on the side of positive thinking. Cynics might tell you that it’s all New Age spiritual mumbo-jumbo, but that’s not true at all. In fact, science shows you are better off when you hold on to happy thoughts and keep an [...]

My Cancer Story

I’m discovering that expressing gratitude even in the most darkest of situations is vital to living a healthy life (follow us on Instagram where I post my daily expressions of gratitude). It’s breast cancer awareness month, and in honor, I’d like to share a bit of my own story and find ways to be grateful. [...]

Guest blog by Cathy, a fitness writer at Garage Gym Planner. Sitting in my garden, I am thinking how my life has changed upside down in the past few months. It's astounding when I delve into it. I must share with you what I went through. Not too long ago, I was at the lowest [...]

Are you or a loved one coping with a cancer diagnosis? With the American Cancer Society predicting over 1.6 million new cancer cases in 2015*, it’s a sobering fact that most of our lives will be touched by the disease. The inspiration for creating these programs designed specifically for cancer comes from a very near [...]

Why Does Nutrition Matter?

Did you ever think about the fact that we can be overfed and yet undernourished? It comes down to what we are eating, not how much we are eating. Most processed foods have been stripped of nutritional value with added flavorings and chemicals for a longer shelf lives. These foods may be quicker and cheaper [...]

“Things We Don’t Talk About”: Woman’s Stories from the Red Tent is a recent documentary by filmmaker Isadora Gabrielle Leidenfrost that focuses on the Red Tent and the emerging Red Tent Movement. Here are 5 surprising things you can learn from the film: A Red Tent is a safe, woman-only space that fosters a supportive [...]

Find Your Talent

Guest Blog by Katrina McKee, Energy & Empowerment Coach, who specializes in Wellness for Women and holds certifications in Foot Reflexology, Hot and Cold Stone Therapeutic Massage and Natural Health Fundamentals. Thus encompassing balance in Mind, Body and Spirit. Have you seen the movie Tinkerbell? As she arrives at Fairy Hollow a huge ceremony is [...]

Guest Blog by Lenore Pranzo, a CT Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and co-founder of Fertility Wellness Group, LLC. Fertility Wellness Group, LLC offers on-line fertility enhancing workshops and private coaching sessions that will help empower women to write about their own fertility struggles, which will lead to positive endings. You can learn more about [...]

Guest Blog by Marc Shelton. Marc Shelton is a health and wellness expert and uses his knowledge of the field to freelance for articles and blogs. He hates treadmills. Making healthy lifestyle choices come alive is always beneficial for the mind and body, and more so when a new life is developing inside you. Your [...]

Guest Blog by Carolyn, Author who writes about education in the field of medicine from LPN Programs to medical schools. Very few things in medicine are actually black and white. That’s why so many people are seeking out alternative healing methods. But, what if you go to an alternative practitioner and they miss something that [...]

The last think you thing will happen is that you will feel a little low or depressed after you have your baby, in many cases something that you have been waiting for a very long time! But it happens and you should not ignore it or get angry at your self for feeling that way! [...]

Busting Myths About Women’s Health There are many myths about women’s health, some of them so pervasive that even doctors believe them. Knowing what’s true and what’s not can help you identify if any changes in your health deserve some extra attention from your doctor, or if what you’re experiencing is one of these common [...]

To kick off the New Year we are announcing a new blog series on Women's Health Education and the beginning of our next blog contest! We want you to share your personal insights with the rest of our community and when you do you have a chance to win a $150 AMEX gift card. We [...]

Circle + Bloom was recently reviewed by Kim of Surviving Motherhood. Surviving Motherhood is a popular Mom's blog, dealing with infertility, TTC and parenting topics. We are happy to share this review with you. I recently, by chance, came across this website called Circle+Bloom. I saw this: “For Those Serious About Getting Pregnant. something you [...]