Denise’s Blog

Denise is one of our guest bloggers who is reliving her TTC story in the hope of helping others. She is sharing her most intimate thoughts, emotions and physical and medical journey on having her baby. To date she has explained how she came to the decision to start to try to have a baby [...]


Every once and a while a stranger begins to have this incredible impact on your life. That stranger brings you inspiration, faith, hope and causes you to pause in life and think about something bigger than you to do list. This is exactly the impact that Denis is having on me.....a stranger to me just [...]

100% Free Fertility Relaxation Program Reduce stress for those TTC. with Joanne Verkuilen From Circle+Bloom Are you feeling stressed, tired, or overly worried about becoming pregnant? Are you tired of hearing "just relax!" but know there is some truth to the stress-infertility connection? Are you confused about the best way to relax and reduce the [...]

We introduced you to Denise about two weeks ago, she was our first brave volunteer to share her personal fertility journey with all of you! If you missed her first post be sure to click here and read it now! She opens up about her fears and nerves on her first visit to the Reproductive [...]

We are very excited to share with you the personal blogging journeys of women who are trying to conceive. These women are dedicating their time and energy to share their ups and downs, medical details and very personal reflections on their lives in an effort to spread TTC awareness and to get the dialogue moving [...]