There are many times in one's life where it seems utterly impossible to feel good and peaceful in the storms that dust up and seem to overwhelm us. On a very personal note, I am having one such occasion now. It involves a great period of uncertainty and it is very scary. I find myself [...]

How I Learn from Fear

Howdy! Joanne here. Thought I would share some personal updates with you all. We upped and moved to the fine state of North Carolina. New house, new town, new friends, new schools. It's a lot to take in and I've definitely gotten overwhelmed at times. And the winds of change will continue to tornado through [...]

Father’s day

This is a personal blog post from our founder and partner Joanne. Father's day. Maybe not as stinging as Mother's day for the TTC community, but still difficult for the sweet DHs in our lives. My dad died when I was only twelve. So Father's day for me is bittersweet. My father-in-law just passed away [...]

When you're trying to get pregnant it's very easy to get stuck into a routine where everything is about conceiving and, as a result, your own needs get left behind. Trying to get pregnant can be an emotional rollercoaster and painful. Here are a few recommendations to take a bit of time for you – [...]

When a couple is struggling with infertility, it can put quite a strain on your relationships, especially the relationship with your spouse or partner. It is very common. Everything suddenly seems to be about making a baby and your personal needs and emotional relationship seems to fall to the wayside. In fact, many couples who [...]

Denise is one of our guest bloggers who is reliving her TTC story in the hope of helping others. She is sharing her most intimate thoughts, emotions and physical and medical journey on having her baby. To date she has explained how she came to the decision to start to try to have a baby [...]

We all know the basics of how to get pregnant. The birds and the bees are something that is taught to us in our grade school years. The reality of getting pregnant, however, can be much more complicated than health class leads us to believe. When it is explained to us in grade school it [...]

Unless you have been through it, it is nearly impossible to understand the feelings of helpless frustration that unexplained infertility can cause. Each and every month it is the same thing over and over again. You hope and you pray that something will be different, but the pregnancy test always comes back negative. You want [...]

Intentions for Fertility

A few weeks ago, we posted some daily intentions for fertility. Lately, I have taken to writing down my intentions for the day on a simple index card. Whether it relates to my work, my family, my spirituality, or my health, it enables me to distill my focus in one area that stays with me [...]

Having a list of intentions - or some people like to call affirmations - can be life changing. Here are mine. I would love to hear yours. We would LOVE for this to be a "wiki" list of intentions. Please add your own in the comments section. I will dare to always be honest with [...]

The Windy Path of Adoption

This post dedicated to my closest friends who are going through the process of adoption that I admire and love so greatly. There was a bag packed full of brand new baby boy clothes and tiny diapers. A breast pump. An infant car seat. Our closest friends were within a few days of adoption. The [...]

I remember getting very upset when folks would try to give me advice while I was trying to conceive.  One person even told me after I had miscarried that "I was lucky to have one healthy should leave it at that."  While you are going through the very difficult and painful process of trying [...]

The Power of Forgiveness

I fundamentally believe we can all benefit from letting go of anger, whether repressed from childhood, or something we are dealing with now. Anger can be like walking through life with an anchor on your back, slowing you down and tiring you out, with the only person that is being affected is you. I am [...]

This week will mark the first time that Circle + Bloom as a company is officially part of Resolve's NIAW movement. We are so proud to be part of the Infertility community, seeking to bring awareness, empowerment and mind-body knowledge to you and the 80 million couples around the world struggling with this very physical [...]

Like Leo from Zen Habits, my life has undergone a complete shift by making a conscious decision to be more positive in life. It has taken me on a new path, a new journey, and has empowered me to live my dreams, and I couldn't have started Circle+Bloom without this new mindset. When you are [...]

I thought I would share this wonderful post from Zen Habits, specifically a guest post written by Jai Kai, Success Coach, Yoga Instructor and Blogger for He enjoys teaching people the art of perusing passion. As we move through our daily routines we are often faced with obstacles and challenges which can lead to [...]

As we all know, the "baby-dance" can take us on a very difficult emotional roller-coaster. Talking with family and friends certainly helps, but there is nothing like connecting with someone who truly understands what you are going through. Someone who has been trained with the knowledge - as well as deep personal experience - in [...]

Right after my second miscarriage, we attended the wedding celebration of a very dear friend who was already about four - five months pregnant. She had on this stunning cream colored dress and her baby bump showed just enough that she looked curvy and round in a beautiful, almost primitive way, like one of those [...]

Ten Ways to Express Your TTC Rage

Riding the TTC roller-coaster every month can get very exhausting, depressing and very frustrating. The first two weeks are spent turning the let-down from the previous month into cautious optimism around the time of ovulation and then thinking maybe this month? Could it be?

RESOLVE to find support

There are many ways to cope with infertility.  Our program is one way.  Joining a support group and connecting with woman who are experiencing similar emotional ups and downs is another proven way to minimize stress and uncertainty.  Friends and family can provide some support, but even the best of friends can't truly understand what [...]