How Einstein Would Get Pregnant: Week 4 Video Intro

“The truth is: love heals.” – Bernie Siegel, M.D.

Welcome to week 4 of our new How Einstein Would Get Pregnant blog series to learn more about how we can proactively use our brains to influence our bodies and reproductive health.

This week, we are positively thrilled to have our own “Einstein” – Dr. Bernie Seigel for a special Q&A. We spent a half-hour with him discussing the role of the mind and how it influences our health and fertility. In fact, he discusses one story in particular with one of his nurses who was having trouble getting pregnant and how he helped her change that around through visualization.

Bernie (as he likes to be called) was an early supporter for Circle+Bloom, and we are so proud that he endorses our programs, is on our Advisory Board and has us listed on his website.

Watch this video introduction to learn more and check back tomorrow!

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