Introducing “How Einstein Would Get Pregnant!”

We are excited to introduce a new blog/educational series called How Einstein Would Get Pregnant. We are always amazed at the incredible stories about the ability to use our brains and minds to help our bodies – and with just as much amazement we cannot believe that this isn’t widely known and used! And like how Einstein put his theory of relativity out for everyone to understand, we hope to do the same for the brain-body connection.

      Listen to Joanne's Podcast Intro for the How Einstein Would Get Pregnant Blog Series

Our hope it to make this series fun, but also provide valuable knowledge and education about your body and reproductive health. At Circle + Bloom we fully believe that the more you know, the more empowered you can be to take control of your fertility.

Over the course of the series we will introduce a topic each week that will share knowledge and insight on:

• The power the brain has to direct the body to health and balance
• The workings of your body to be used in brain-body health, and
• Reproductive health and balancing fertility.

We also understand that people absorb knowledge in various ways so each week we will explore the topic with you using different communication methods:

• We will post a blog post about the topic
• We will record an informal podcast exploring the topic
• Joanne will create a video with insights on the topic
• We will also post supporting Q&A on our website, and let you know about other resources you might want to consider reading to explore the topic further.

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We will begin the series next week (9/13/2010), starting at the tiniest, of tiniest workings or our body – our cells! No need to pull out your old high school science, we promise to make it easy to understand. You will find it fascinating and get ready to find out how little you really know about what is going on in your body, and how much control you do have to improve your reproductive health!

So please join us and tell your friends as well!

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