Never Miss a Memory Again

Guest Blog by Greg Czarnowski, Lifeables, a free service enabling parents to easily collect, organize, safeguard and share all of the digital posts, pictures, events and conversations that detail their children’s lives.

Because of work conflicts, distance, or mismatched schedules, members of today’s modern family often miss a memorable event like a game, school play or birthday party. Those who attend capture great pictures and videos on their mobile phones and digital cameras. They might even share funny stories or pictures on Facebook or Flickr. But in the end, no one knows exactly who has managed to capture what, and on which device or social network, making it nearly impossible to later relive the event and protect its memories.

Lifeables will make sure family members “Never Miss a Memory” – it’s the ultimate collection (and curation) engine for today’s modern family, retrieving pictures, videos and posts from every possible source while eliminating the privacy concerns still plaguing other social networks.

With just one click, Lifeables starts pulling in pictures and posts from across all family member social accounts, using advanced filtering to eliminate the clutter and highlight the best content. And best of all, the Lifeables system learns as it goes – the more it is used, the more accurate it becomes. Along with mining items from social networks, Lifeables also allows family members to chronicle memories from items stored in their e-mail, mobile phone, and computer.

The true value of Lifeables goes well beyond collection, with easy-to-use tools that give families the flexibility to organize the memories they’ve found (or created) into living collections – by person, event, date or theme – whatever makes sense to them. Each collection is then continuously updated as Lifeables finds new content related to memories in that collection. The service goes further, allowing individual memories or entire Lifeable collections to be selectively shared with trusted family and friends in the format they each prefer without extra work. So Grandma gets her email, Aunt Cathy views rich displays within Lifeables (which can be turned into hard-copy keepsakes), and Facebook friends get to enjoy posts from mom and dad’s wall.

Lifeables creates a new paradigm for family memory collection and curation by:

  • Allowing the preservation of a family’s history to become full-blown multimedia collections that constantly evolve
  • Involving all generations – parents, kids and grandparents – and all family members (not just Mom) in both the telling and recollection of the family’s story
  • Creating an ultra-secure environment where elements for precious family memories (digital pictures, personal reflections, etc.) can be safely stored and shared is available free to all consumers, with mobile/tablet extensions to be available soon.

Also be sure to check out Lifeables baby blog application ( that offers expectant parents a simple way to provide family and friends with real-time updates about the upcoming birth of their child. Easy-to-use, it allows users to track and share their progress during the birthing process. It will also provide those friends and family members whom you invite to join you on the Baby Blog with an opportunity to offer the well wishes before the birth and their congratulations after the blessed event. And best of all, everything is captured on the Lifeables platform. Once things have quieted down after the birth, you can log in to the Lifeables account that you created and view and organize all of the memories that you recorded. These can then be shared with anyone you’d like, or kept as personal, private memories for yourself.

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