Infertility Success Stories

We are so proud to have received such touching, detailed and private stories from our customers. The depth of bravery and determination is demonstrated in each and every word. We say “BRAVO to that!”

Emily’s Story

When you’re trying to conceive, it seems like every single person on the planet starts telling you to “just relax.”

I always wanted to have a family, though I never had a specific time-frame or plan in mind. My husband and I met when I was 26 and he was 33. We developed a fairly serious relationship in a short period of time and discussed things like having kids, but I had gone back to school after a long lapse and after a few years of dating, started graduate school. Kids didn’t really begin to seriously enter the picture until my doctor once casually mentioned that it was recommended that I begin prenatal vitamins about a year before trying to conceive. Suddenly, the question of just when we really wanted to have kids became more concrete. My partner and I talked about it for a long time and realized that, with me at the beginning of a 5-year (minimum) graduate program and getting closer to 30, there wasn’t going to be any “perfect” time. And so it was decided that we would start trying the following year.

We did just that… and tried… and tried. All indications were that I was ovulating normally, he checked out with a great sperm analysis, but we just couldn’t get pregnant. Then, after about five months of trying, I got it: a positive pregnancy test. Keep reading about Emily…

Julie’s Story

Unexplained Infertility, Crohn’s Disease and Egg Donor Success Story

I’m Julie and I’ve lived with unexplained infertility my whole life, never being able to achieve a pregnancy.

At age 17, I had some cells frozen off my cervix as a result of having a pre-cancerous condition. Then I went about living my life, traveling, learning, enjoying, loving, never realizing my fertility was dwindling, always confident I could have kids at any age- why hurry?

Later, at age 39, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. My intestines were matted to my reproductive organs with masses of sticky puss, and there were enormous cysts on my uterus and abdominal wall. It took two years and many rounds of infusion therapy to go into remission after that. I was put on very serious drugs to maintain that state. Then my marriage fell apart in the worst possible way, and then my life fell apart…Keep reading about Julie’s story…

Sandra’s Story

After 3 years TTC for her second child, 4 IVF’s, one chemical pregnancy, one miscarriage, Sandra becomes pregnant at the age of 41 with the help of Circle + Bloom’s Natural Cycle for Fertility Program.

I was married when I was 23 but we knew we weren’t ready to start a family right away. A couple of years later my husband decided that he didn’t want any children. I tried to resign myself to not being a mom, but it was tough.

I ended up having a cancer scare with a suspicious ovarian cyst when I was 27. It turned out to be nothing, but it brought up a lot of questions about my fertility and the kind of life I wanted… Keep reading about Sandra’s story…

Stephanie’s Story

After trying to conceive for 2 years, two IUI’s, Stephanie becomes pregnant.

I’ve been trying to conceive for two years. Though the doctors identified some issues with me, they were corrected quickly but still I couldn’t conceive.

I’ve cried–that ugly cry–every month for the last 24. Seeing pregnant women was starting to give me PTSD. I felt like a mess, and I felt like I wasn’t myself. At the beginning of the summer, I sought a counselor who specialized in seeing women and couples who struggled with their fertility. She recommended Circle + Bloom to me but I’d already seen a fellow infertile blogger recommend it. I thought I might as well give it a shot… Keep reading about Stephanie’s story…

Ashley’s Story

After trying to conceive for 2 years, two miscarriages, Ashley becomes pregnant.

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know just how amazing I think your guided meditation and visualization programs are!

I am 29 years old and have been trying to conceive with my fiancé for two years. We have suffered an early miscarriage, and then became pregnant in October of last year. Throughout the entire pregnancy, I worried all the time. I was so scared about every little thing. I just felt like it was too good to be true. Our anatomy scan at 16 weeks then revealed the worst news we could have expected… Keep reading about Ashley’s story…

Dianna’s Story

After 5 years TTC, 12 rounds of Clomid, 4 artificial inseminations and two IVF ICSI cycles I finally manage to conceive & carry my precious baby girl to term and I attribute this to listening to your IVF tracks while doing my final cycle.”

Listening to the tracks were the only thing we did different in that cycle. The tracks relaxed me in a way that I have never experienced before. Since I had great success with the IVF tracks, I also went on to use your pregnancy program and can say that I had a close to perfect labor which was 3 hours 42 minutes long and a natural drug free labor. Your program gave me the strength and courage to put trust and faith in my body… Keep reading about Dianna’s story…

Sandra’s Story

I am so thrilled to find out that I am pregnant at 47 years of age completely naturally, especially having to do an IVF for our first child. Thank you Circle and Bloom.”

We began trying to conceive but after 6 months we went to a fertility specialist to see if anything was wrong. They couldn’t find anything so we tried IVF which didn’t work. We then went through a horrible bankruptcy. We only had a little money left but we agreed to give IVF one more try so we did. It was successful and I gave birth on June 2 2009 at the age of 45. Just lately my husband and I began talking about trying again for one more baby ( we have a few embryos left.) I told him before we did IVF again – that I wanted to try for a few months the “old fashioned way” even though I knew the odds weren’t particularly in our favor…. Keep reading about Sandra’s story…

Maureen’s Story

After trying to conceive for 1 year, Maureen becomes pregnant with the help of Circle+Bloom’s PCOS for Fertility program.

In December of last year I sent you a message thanking you because I had just taken a test and found out I was pregnant. My husband and I had been dealing with infertility for about a year.

I had made lifestyle changes but nothing seemed to be working. We were going to start Clomid in January. I heard about Circle + Bloom from PCOS Diva. I loved the idea of using my body’s intentions and my mind to help heal myself. I started your PCOS for Fertility Program in November. I finally felt like I had some control. It was the only change I made…. Keep reading about Maureen’s story…

Melissa’s Story

After trying to conceive for 2 years, one miscarriage, Melissa becomes pregnant with the help of Circle+Bloom’s Natural Cycle for Fertility program.

I just wanted to say thank you! I purchased the natural cycle for fertility program about 3 months ago. My hubbie and I had been TTC for nearly 2 years.

About a year ago, I felt a strong feeling that much of our issues were related to hormones and stress. I decided to invest a lot of time in focusing on natural elements of my fertility – stress, diet, supplements, hormones, etc.

I found out about the Circle + Bloom program through the incredible Conscious Conception summit at the end of May/June. It was an amazing experience for me to attend these sessions. After I had an early miscarriage a month later, I decided to buy the program. Part of me was sad but the other part of me was very hopeful that we would conceive naturally and that my improved mindset was helping me get to where we wanted to be.

I only used the program for 3 months in total as I just found out I’m pregnant – it clearly did a world of good. This past week I got a positive HPT – I couldn’t believe it as that was my first! My blood test came back strong and I’m very excited. It is still early but this is such an accomplishment and my husband and I are thrilled… Keep reading about Melissa’s story…

Barbara’s Story

I told my body and visualized exactly what I wanted it to do and it did it.

We took 5 months off and during that break I discovered the free Circle + Bloom download via conceive magazine. I started doing the meditation session often and found it very relaxing and empowering. I eventually purchased the IUI/IVF program and geared up for another cycle. This time we decided to just do an IUI. It was summer and we did not have the time to devote to an IVF cycle, but we still wanted to do something.

During my stimulation, I listened to the circle + bloom sessions and channeled my focus to my right ovary that did not respond at all on the previous IVF attempt. I came up with the number 4 and visualized 4 follicles growing in that ovary. I was shocked when I went in for my sonogram and the nurse told me… Keep reading about Barbara…

Alison’s Story

I want to share with you my wonderful news that I am pregnant, in spite of my high FSH, low AMH, and my husband’s low morphology, and much to the doctor’s shock, after one month of listening to your Natural Cycle Fertility series.

We were about to head into our first cycle of IUI when I got the first positive pregnancy test of my life! I know there are many factors involved, including a lot of luck, but I do believe that listening to the nightly meditation made a huge difference for me. No matter how stressful my days were, no matter how many self-defeating thoughts crossed my mind,…keep reading more about Alison >

Kelly’s Story

After trying to conceive for 7 years, Kelly becomes pregnant after her first IVF/FET with the help of Circle + Bloom’s IVF mind+body audio program.

After 7+ years of trying to conceive with my husband we are finally pregnant and are expecting our first child in Sept 2013.

When I met my husband-to-be in college, he had 2 young children (ages 2 & 4) from a previous marriage. On our first date he told me that he may not be able to have more children due to a vasectomy he had at the age of 23 after his 2nd child was born. However, he also said he wanted to have more kids and when we got married a couple years later we scheduled the vasectomy reversal a month after so we could expand our family…keep reading more about Kelly >

Elizabeth’s Story

After trying to conceive for over a year, 2 failed IUI’s, Elizabeth turns to Circle + Bloom IVF/IUI fertility meditation program and becomes pregnant.

After trying to get pregnant for over a year, my husband I discovered that he had very low sperm count and motility. We were fast tracked into IVF after 2 unsuccessful IUI cycles.

I started the Circle and Bloom program when I started on the birth control pills/suppression phase of our first IVF cycle. I was given very low doses of the ovarian stimulation drugs, as my RE expected me to be an ‘over responder’ and she didn’t want to risk my developing OHSS. I turned out to have a pretty low response with only 4 eggs, so she cancelled the IVF cycle…keep reading more about Elizabeth >

Diana’s Story

After trying to conceive for seven years, failed IUI’s, Diana turns to Circle + Bloom IVF/IUI fertility meditation program and becomes pregnant with her first IVF cycle.

I purchased the IVF program around December 2012, since then I have been listening to the program everyday, preparing my mind and body for my first IVF cycle, after failed IUI’s and 7 years of infertility.

I did my IVF cycle this March, 2013. I had only 40% of success…keep reading about Diana >

Nicole’s Story

As I type this I’m crying tears of joy. After 2 years of negative pregnancy tests I was extremely sad and starting to get stressed.

My husband and I vowed if we didn’t get pregnant by summer of 2011 we would start to look at fertility doctors. I was beyond worried about taking the fertility doctor route since I tend to have adverse reactions to heavy medications and procedures…keep reading about Nicole >

Sara’s Story

Circle+Bloom’s program have shown me how to relax, even after the most crazy and awful days I know I can listen to it and feel better in minutes.

I am a preschool teacher. I just love children, and even as a little girl I had the same dream as most little girls, to find my prince charming and have a wonderful family. Two years ago I met my Prince charming and I was so happy. We had a beautiful wedding and I was so excited for the next part of my dream to come true, to be a mother and have a wonderful family. Unfortunately, as a teenager my husband was diagnosed with Klienfelters. At the age of 16 he was told he would never be able to produce enough sperm to produce children. Even though I knew this I prayed for a miracle….keep reading about Sara >

Rebecca’s Story

I have always believed in the mind/body connection and used meditations through my last conception/pregnancy and for childbirth. When I was trying again this time I wanted to find a program that was more comprehensive.

I am a school counselor in Eugene, OR. My husband and I started our fertility journey 7 years ago. We always knew we wanted children and got started as soon as we were married. It took us close to 3 years, acupuncture, Chinese herbs, meditation, therapy and gonadotrophins and insemination to get pregnant with our daughter who is now 4.

About 9 months after our baby was born we started to try to get pregnant again and were thrilled when we got pregnant naturally. Unfortunately that baby miscarried…keep reading more about Rebecca >

Deb’s Story

There is no question that Circle + Bloom gave me an opportunity every day to relax and just take care of myself – and that is truly invaluable when you are dealing with the incredible stress of fertility doctors and trying to get pregnant.

I am a single woman, entering my 40s and decided to start a family on my own. I was married for 7 years and then divorced without any children. Some years later I found that, while I wasn’t willing to compromise on finding the right man I want to share my life with, I still wanted to have children, and my time on that was running out (my family goes through very early menopause). So now I’m on this journey alone, with the help of friends and family of course. I am a visual artist, living in Brooklyn, NY and I work in arts education...keep reading more about Deb >

Meagan’s Story

Having dealt with work stress for years, we knew that we needed to find a way to relax and prepare for our miracle to happen.

My husband and I are both 30 years old, recently married, living in Michigan. We both have had stable careers that we built over the last 10 years of our lives. Shortly after getting married we knew we were ready to start a family. We assumed that it would happen shortly after we starting trying, but it took a little longer, approximately 8 months. We used the Circle + Bloom Program for two months and during our second month we conceived!

Having dealt with work stress for years, we knew that we needed to find a way to relax and prepare for our miracle to happen. Circle + Bloom was a wonderful way to relax, find time to let my mind focus on the miracle of life instead of disappointment and work. Our baby is due in May!

Sandrine’s Story

In-between 4 IUI failures, successful spontaneous pregnancy…

My husband and I decided to take a one-month break between round 4 and 5 of IUI to drop the pressure a bit and give my body a rest…”

I’m almost 37, I’m French and married with Nick, 35, who is British. We met in Amsterdam (Netherlands) 5 years ago and have been married for over 3 years. We’ve just relocated to Paris for Nick’s job. We both work in Finance. As soon as we got married we tried to build our dream family – “at least two and at most 3 kids”. In the meantime we took care of our 2 cats…

Though I was already 33 when we started trying to build our family, I was not really worried about potential issues, since I have always enjoyed excellent health…read more about Sandrine >

Mandy’s Story

Secondary infertility with clomid…

The hardest part of our journey has been explaining to our daughter that we miscarried…

I live in Iowa and I am currently a full-time student, studying to be a Physical Therapist Assistant. This is my second career. I am the oldest of four and for quite awhile in my life, I did not want to become a mother. However, after meeting the man of my dreams, I quickly changed my mind. Within our first year of marriage, I became pregnant and welcomed a daughter into our lives. As she approached the age of two we began thinking about adding to our family. And two years ago I got pregnant again and miscarried at Eight weeks. After continuing to try without any success, we began clomid treatments. After 4 rounds, we did not get pregnant…read more about Mandy >

Leigh Ann’s Story

Seven months pregnant with a baby girl

Circle + Bloom’s fertility audio program was one of the smallest changes to implement but had the biggest impact on my fertility journey.

As a full-time elementary teacher and a part-time doctoral student, plans of starting a family were often put on hold for my career obligations. We women often think we must choose between career and family, and that was a decision I struggled with for several years. After seven years of marriage, my husband and I finally felt ready–for me, it was like a switch had been flipped one day. Having made the mental leap to “you know, I think we can do this”, my husband and I were eager to begin trying to…read more from Leigh Ann >

Angela’s Story

Pregnant after four failed IUIs

I truly was excited to regain control over my own mental state. I do believe the mind is powerful and influences the body.

My partner and I decided to start trying to expand our family thirteen long months ago. We have two lovely daughters from our previous relationships and we didn’t think it would be too difficult to conceive again. I chose to be the birth mother because I was young, healthy and “supposedly” fertile. At 26 years old I didn’t expect to face such a struggle. We did 4 IUI cycles without any success…read more from Angela >

Kristi’s Story

Although we are not pregnant yet, I have noticed a huge difference in the way I deal with stress, and how my body feels.

My husband and I have been trying since 2005 to get pregnant. We over the course of the years we have gone through every test imaginable, but have been told that there really isn’t any reason that we can’t get pregnant. We were labeled with the stigma “unexplained infertility”. After 8 cycles of IUI’s and seems like a million negative pregnancy tests, we decided to take a break, and look into embryo adoption. This was last August. On September 11, 2009 we went for our appointment with the adoption…read more about Kristi >

Tarah’s Story

The impact that Circle + Bloom has had on me is truly amazing. I feel like a new person and I feel like I will succeed at anything.

I am a very spunky, fun, loving, outgoing person. I love to have fun and make people laugh. Hanging out with friends and family is always something that I enjoy. Whether its friend’s over for a potluck and game night or just hanging out at a local Coffee Shop with my husband. Either way, I am good!…read more about Tarah >

Sherrie’s Story

We have been trying for a family for over 6 years…I found Circle + Bloom online – and have been ever so grateful….Thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing such a powerful and wonderful resource.

I live in a suburb of Minneapolis, MN. I work for myself as a marketing and advertising consultant for businesses in the health care profession. One husband, one darling kitty and to date – no children….read more about Sherrie >

Becca’s Story

Circle + Bloom relaxes me and makes me feel like I have some control over this whole infertility roller coaster. It has given me more faith in my body and my ability to get pregnant and have a healthy pregnancy.

I’m a 34 yr old Career Counselor, married to a full time Army soldier. We live near the Rocky Mountains and love it! We are animal lovers with 6 furbabies and cannot wait to have children. We have been TTC for over 3.5 yrs and it’s been a roller coaster…read more about Becca >

Shawna’s Story

We feel our stressful lives have hampered our efforts and these programs help to reduce stress and take time for ourselves. It’s a real commitment to us and to our future child!

I live in Ontario, Canada and I work in the health care field and have dreamed of having a family all my life. I can’t imagine life without kids in it. I am 36 years old and so is my partner. We have been trying to get pregnant for two years and have decided we don’t want to proceed with conventional fertility therapy. We have turned to Circle + Bloom’s Natural Fertility Program to use the all powerful mind-body connection with visualizations for each step of the reproductive cycle to assist in achieving successful fertilization. We feel our stressful lives have hampered our efforts and these programs help to reduce stress and take time for ourselves. It’s a real commitment to us and to our future child!

Nicole’s Story

Thank you for a great variety of programs that touch the lives of so many families.

I am a doula and childbirth educator located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. My partner and I have one daughter who is now three years old. She was born preterm and since then we have been trying to have a second child. We have had two ectopic pregnancies, one ended in surgery, the other in a chemotherapy drug. They were difficult experiences for us so we took the next year to get healthy. I began seeing my naturopath weekly for acupuncture, changing my diet, but I knew there was something missing. I began listening to Circle + Bloom to help myself relax and mentally slow down every day.

After learning more about the program, I saw you came out with the pregnancy program. I recommend it to my clients to help them learn to relax as well. We can all use a little time to pamper our minds as we do our bodies. It has helped women get away from the stresses of pregnancy and focus on helping to grow their healthy babies. I have also seen the benefits when women are in labor because they are used to being calm, understanding their bodies, and following soothing voices.

Thank you for a great variety of programs that touch the lives of so many families.

Danielle’s Story

Because I have PCOS I knew it could be a long and rough road for us….but the month I used Circle+Bloom I got pregnant!

I’m 29 years old, a scientist and currently reside in Texas. My husband and I started our journey to build our family in January 2010. Because I have PCOS I knew it could be a long and rough road for us. I went through all the rigorous testing, an Hsg, numerous ultrasounds and constant blood work. I was lucky because I decided to take my temperature every morning and found out that I do ovulate on my own….read more about Danielle >

Mierda’s Story

Your program encourages the attitude I need to have for this journey and gives me acceptance.

I live in northwestern California and have a great job. As the oldest grandchild of 15, I always thought I would eventually become a mother. After a failed marriage, I fell in love with a wonderful man-who unfortunately had a vasectomy at a young age….read more about Mierda >

Renee’s Story

Circle + Bloom gave me a reason to set aside time each day to visualize.. it soon became something I couldn’t forget to do any more then brushing my teeth.

I live in northwestern California and have a great job. As the oldest grandchild of 15, I always thought I would eventually become a mother. After a failed marriage, I fell in love with a wonderful man-who unfortunately had a vasectomy at a young age….read more about Renee >

Emily’s Story

The program itself got me through some really tough points in my treatment, the medications caused insomnia for me. Circle and Bloom counteracted some of that, allowing me to relax enough to get some rest. Since getting pregnant I haven’t used the program, but have recommended it to several friends.

I am a 23 year old housewife, my husband and I live in a suburb in Northern Virginia. It’s a quiet area unlike the big cities nearby, Washington, DC being the biggest and busiest. Our dreams of building a family started quite a while ago when we started talking about one day having a child or two. We started really trying to start our family for over a year. It finally happened for us back in June….read more about Emily >

Carrie’s Story

The program (Natural Cycle Fertility) has made a terrific impact on my life. I purchased the downloadable product on May 20, 2010 and found myself with a positive home pregnancy test on August 24, 2010 — just three months later! I am thrilled to tell you I am now 4.5 months pregnant, due on May 1, 2011.

I am a freelance writer and creative consultant living in the San Francisco Bay Area. My partner and I had been trying to conceive for more than 4 years to no avail and as my 42nd birthday approached this fall, I was considering giving up on our dream of becoming parents and turning my focus to other things. While I don’t completely eschew the Western model of medical care….read more about Carrie >

Mindy’s Story

Being such a high strung person and facing the disappointment each month of not being pregnant or another loss was extremely painful. I knew I needed to do something to relax myself. I do think Circle + Bloom helped me to relax and let go of the process and for that I thank you.

My husband, daughter, 2 dogs and I live in New England. I’m a Type A personality, who likes things to happen immediately. It took awhile before my husband & I were ready to have children. Almost in our mid 30’s we decided it was time & we were lucky it only took 3 months. About a year and a half after our daughter was born we decided we would like to add to our family. I just assumed it would be as easy as the first time. I was very wrong. After trying for 5 months with no luck I consulted a midwife on my cycle which was clearly very short. I was given Progesterone but I don’t think it was enough. I did increase the dose to nearly double and got pregnant in 2 months, only to lose the baby almost immediately. It took another 6 months to get pregnant again, which resulted in another miscarriage and I needed a D&C. In another 3 months I got pregnant again, also to suffer another miscarriage almost immediately.

During the above time I have tried everything possible to help my odds. I’ve taken Chinese herbs, CoQ10, l-carnitine, l-arginine, FertiliTea, FertileAid, FertileCM, cinnamon, maca, bee pollen, false unicorn root, eating lots of leafy green veggies, cutting caffeine, limiting alcohol consumption, charting, OPKs, fertility monitors, the list goes on & on. At some point I do believe I plateaued from from various options. I had several months where I backed off of everything…read more about Mindy

Amy’s Story

Although my husband and I have a beautiful 5 year old daughter, we don’t feel as though our family is quite complete yet. After a long two years of tracking, calculating and stressing over conception we finally received the news that were expecting.

However, at my 10 week doctor’s appointment I found out that I was no longer carrying a viable fetus. After losing that child, I became very negative and began to think that maybe we were not meant to have another child. I could not get out of the funk that I was in, although I did know in my heart I wanted more children…read more about Amy

Whitney’s Story

I am finally pregnant and I needed to share the excellent news with all of you at Circle and Bloom. After a second IVF and using your PCOS and IVF program for the first time, our dream became true.

Thank you so much for guiding me and keeping me calm and occupied…read more about Whitney

Jennifer’s Story

I just wanted to let you know that I had the baby a couple weeks ago, and again, your meditations deserve some major credit. I had been using the happy birth meditation periodically in the last month of my pregnancy, and had been planning to have a natural delivery.

Well, after 18 hours of labor, I couldn’t resist that epidural, and then my labor stopped progressing, and for hours I was stalled at 8 cm dilation. Even with Pitocin. My OB told me I was going to have to have a c-section, which I absolutely did not want, but she basically felt like the baby was too big…read more about Jennifer

Karen’s Story

I bought the Natural Cycle for Fertility Program in April 2011 and got pregnant the next month after two years of trying to conceive. I am 13 weeks and just had my first scan. The baby is due in January of 2012. We are very happy!

I have always thought the problem was psychological. We had been to a fertility clinic where tests revealed that we were both fine. I was put on a drug to increase my eggs for a couple of months with no success, even though doctors told me that I was ok. The next step was to have a lap and dye, an operation to flush dye through my fallopian tubes to make sure they were clear. I had the operation in April and they gave me the heads up. Initially, I felt great, but within a few days, the anxiety built up again and I found myself scouring the internet, that’s when I found Circle and Bloom. I knew as soon as I read about the natural cycle for fertility program that this was the program that suited me. I read Carrie’s story and decided to purchase the program in a second. I listened to it religiously, sometimes twice a day when…read more about Karen

Jennifer and Tom’s Story

Pregnant after first IVF

My husband and I have been married for 7 years. I am 37 and he is 38 we met at work and fell very hard for each other very quickly… we lived together for 2 years, then got engaged January 2, 2004 and married on November 13, 2004 we had the most perfect wedding and where beginning the “Perfect Life together” or so we thought.

We started trying to have a child after our 1st year of Marriage and had no luck we both got tested in 2006 and we found out my husband had fertility issues that made having our own child with his sperm impossible, and it was devastating to say the least. It took the next 3 years to get through the pain and despair that we would never have our own biological child. Then we started to explore our options we finally decided to do IUI with donor sperm, it was a very tough decision but we were determined to have a family. We did 5 IUI’s, 1 natural, 2 with femera, 1 with clomid and 1 with injectables and none of them worked in 2009 or 2010.

We came to a point where we just couldn’t handle the roller coaster of emotions and the devastation any longer. So we stopped everything at the end of 2010. So for November and December 2010, and January 2011 I took time to recover mentally, physically, and decided to make a change. My husband and I set up a consult with Dr. Kiltz of CNY Fertility in Syracuse NY in December to start our First IVF in February of 2011.

I changed my diet completely to all fruits, vegetables and organic meats and started doing Zumba to lose some weight. I also started taking Royal Jelly and at the recommendation of Dr. Kiltz downloaded Circle + Bloom’s IVF mind-body program and started listening to them religiously night after night after night…read more about Jennifer and Tom

Leslie’s Story

After a year and half of medical intervention, an operation to remove left fallopian tube, two failed IVFs, a chemical pregnancy and a horrific bout of OHSS, Leslie turns to Circle + Bloom’s IVF/IUI Mind+body Program for help and gets pregnant. Here is her story.

“When you’re trapped in the soul-crushing cycle of infertility, you’ll do pretty much anything and everything to up your odds of conceiving. At one point, about a year into our struggle, I would estimate that 85% of my daily decisions revolved around the question, ‘Will this help me get pregnant?’ From what I ate and drank (Only organic! Cooked veggies instead of raw! No caffeine or alcohol! Red raspberry fertility tea!) to how I worked out, from acupuncture to massage, from ultrasound checks to therapy, I quite literally didn’t take a step without contemplating its potential ability to help us make a baby. It’s a miserable way to live, and I don’t for a second doubt the research showing the IVF patients experience higher rates of stress than cancer or AIDS patients.

When I heard about Circle + Bloom, I jumped at the chance to try the DVDs. I’m a freelance health writer for multiple mainstream women’s magazines, and had just started writing for Natural Health, who had assigned me a story on complementary approaches to fertility. I’m a huge believer in guided imagery and meditation, and had had success in the past with biofeedback and sleep/anxiety. I believe in the body’s ability to help itself and wanted to tap into that. Most of the treatments and therapies I had been using involved someone else doing something to me: Physicians prescribing me drugs, my husband injecting me with hormones, my acupuncturist moving my chi. This was a chance to do something on my own.

Every night, I’d kiss my husband and roll out of bed and into the family room, where my laptop lay waiting, Circle + Bloom DVD queued up to the appropriate day. With the lights off, I’d lie down, ….read more about Leslie

Renae’s Story

After four years, losing a fallopian tube to pregnancy, two failed IVFs, a miscarriage, losing one more fallopian tube, Renae turns to Circle + Bloom’s IVF/IUI Mind+body Program for help, but last and final IVF fails. Here is her story.

“My IVF failed again. The reason for writing to you is I want to let you know, again, how much you have helped me. A little background if I may….. My only biological child, Shawn 7, is a child from a broken and abusive marriage. I am so proud of the fact that I had the strength to leave because I hear so many do not!

My son was only 1 years old when I became a single mom. I NEVER thought I would re marry. I did a year later to a wonderful, smart, caring and kind man. No questions asked, he has played the roll of Shawn’s dad.

About a year into the marriage, 5 years now, we decided to have our own family. Shawn was so easy to conceive, I was 32 years old at the time. One year went by…nothing. We tried Chlomid, got pregnant but it was a tubal pregnancy and I lost my first tube. After that, we tried IVF. ….read more about Renae