The Conception Kit: Another Option to Consider

There are many things about Circle + Bloom that Joanne and I love, but all the people we are meeting, and the encouragement and support that these people have given us is right there on the top.  One of these individuals is Stacie Longwell Hill.  Our relationship with Stacie began when she took the time to send us an e-mail to tell us how much she enjoyed our newsletter, it was filled with words of encouragement and validation of what we are doing.  We love hearing that from anyone, but because of Stacie’s background, working  13+ years at The Fertility Center in Grand Rapids MI, as an embryologist, experienced in all aspects of human embryo work including ICSI, IVF, and cryopreservation of embryos, her words gave us a lot of fuel to burn the midnight oil!

Since that e-mail we have learned more about each other and the services that we provide to the fertility community.  She is currently the  Customer Service Manager at Conceivex; with customer education and communication being the primary focus of her job, and we think what she is doing is great stuff.  We thought it would be nice to have you hear directly from her about Conceivex and how they might be able to help you.

Introducing Stacie Longwell Hill from Conceivex

Having been an embryologist at a busy fertility clinic for 13 years, working with The Conception Kit has been a huge change.   While I loved the action of a high tech laboratory, it has been very exciting for me to work for a medical device company that produces a low tech option for couples.  Now I get to help couples before they move on to IVF.  The Conception Kit is an FDA cleared at home insemination tool based on cervical cap technology.  The cap is the key, as we like to say, and is the basis for this elegantly simple treatment option.

The kit contains ovulation predictors, semen collectors, personal lubricant, pregnancy tests, and caps – enough for three cycles.  The comprehensive directions help women to track their cycles, finding when the most fertile time of the month will occur.  The couple can then use the sperm friendly condom during intercourse and pour the contents into the cervical cap.  The cap is placed up inside the vagina, on the cervix.  This will help in two ways:  it will protect the semen from the acidic environment of the vagina that normally kills much of the sperm quickly, and it will hold the semen at the cervical opening, allowing the sperm to migrate freely through the cervical mucus up into the reproductive tract – and on to where the egg will be found.  The cervical cap is worn for 4-6 hours, then removed.  Two weeks later, the pregnancy test enclosed can be used for cycle results.

And what are women saying?  We get a lot of positive feedback from our customers.  Having an option for treatment at home is a bonus for couples looking for something private and simple.  Women appreciate the opportunity to take back control over their fertility.  The kit includes comprehensive instructions with information on cycle tracking, for women who need a little guidance on cycle basics.  This is very popular with women who want to understand their bodies and have a more peaceful conception experience.   And the men?  They are happy to not have to spend a lot of money, or give a semen specimen at the clinic.  Sex at home beats the collection room any day.

Who should use the Conception Kit?  It is great for low sperm count, low motility, and tilted cervix.  Also it is helpful for unexplained infertility, couples trying to time a pregnancy around military service or teaching schedules, or those who are eager to improve their odds of conceiving before they reach the time requirements of an infertility diagnosis.  In order to use the kit, a woman should be ovulating regularly and have at least one working fallopian tube.  The kit does not help with endometriosis, untreated PCOS, or any condition that may prevent a woman from producing healthy eggs.   While the kit may not be right for everyone, it is a nice effective option to have available for couples.

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