True or False-Our Thoughts Impact Our Reproductive Health

We have heard many opinions on this question, and we thought it would be helpful to use a bit of science to help you answer this question and decide what side of the fence you are on.

Reproductive HealthLets start with a very high level understanding of Cellular Biology. We have trillions of cells that make up our existence and they are constantly working, breathing, digesting and reproducing in support of our entire existence. To do this, within each cell, there are proteins. The proteins change by virtue of “signals” that attach itself to the membrane of the cell. The membrane of the cell decides which signals to let into the cell and once in, proteins change and make the cell change as well.

It used to be thought that our DNA, or genes within each cell nucleus was in charge of all decisions and what that cell would do or not do. But a project called the Humane Genome Project put the entire gene theory into question. Leading biologists now think that DNA contains the “blueprint” but doesn’t actually make decisions on when or how to create proteins based on the information. It is the signals – hormones, enzymes, etc. – as well as the cell membrane that makes the decision of what comes into the cell – that holds the power. And where do the signals come from? These are messengers and other packets of information or energy that are constantly being passed around that stem from our sensory input – what we are seeing, feeling, hearing, etc. The sensor input then goes throughout subconscious and then the output is what changes or fuels our cells.

This has ENORMOUS implications. No longer are we held hostage by our genes, but it is the signals that stem from our environment (or perception thereof) that hold the keys to our development, health and reproductive function.


This theory makes sense when you hear of the studies showing severe stunted growth of children who are not held or shown any kind of love or attention. It also makes sense when you hear that monks meditating in sub-zero temperatures with wet robes can make their bodies steam from heat generated within. It makes sense when you hear of the miraculous stories of self-healing from cancer survivors who make an enormous empowering decision to take control of their lives and change their thoughts.

This is why visualization works. When we are “seeing” – in this case using our imagination – our subconscious mind does not know the difference between what we are imagining (which is why our perception or beliefs make such a huge difference in our health – look no further than the Placebo effect) and what we are physically seeing with our two eyes. Through our subconscious, signals from those visualizations are sent to our cells. The cellular membrane lets in those signals, and viola, we change our cells. This is why being relaxed, being fully present when visualizing, which is what our programs help you to accomplish is so important. It’s the power of your subconscious that does the work!

The subconscious mind is the part of the brain that directs physical function. It also our conscious attention to focus on the tasks in front of us and allows our bodies to function seemingly on their own. The problem with this, however, is that the subconscious is also where we hold our deep-seated beliefs about our bodies, our lives, our abilities, etc. The subconscious has been effectively “programmed” mainly when we were young children – some even say it starts in-utero. The subconscious creates our “filter” in terms of how we view the world. The filter changes our perception of our existence, and then leads to physical changes in the body by way of signals and changes in our cells.

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