We Are Finally Pregnant!

Every so often we like to share with you the e-mails we receive from our customers. We like to give just a snippet into what keeps our energy and passion over the top! A simple cut and past from one of the many e-mails we receive! These e-mails put on a big smile on our faces, and a very warm feeling in the heart.

I just wanted to let you all know at Circle and Bloom that after a second IVF and using your PCOS and IVF program for the first time, we are finally pregnant!

Thank you so very much for guiding me and keeping me calm and occupied during some tough tough days. These programs are so special that I have just purchased the pregnant program and I am excited to get started and care for me and this new life.

Thank you, I have been on a long journey of healing and you program has brought everything together so beautifully.

OK, it’s still early in the pregnancy and you guys are part of a small group who know and I just needed to share with you how special I think you are.

Have fab day!

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