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“I just got the news that I’m pregnant after my first IVF transfer, and I can’t thank you enough! The IVF and FET programs were amazing and helped me to stay calm throughout the process.” Jessica, via email

“I had been on the pill for 12 years straight when I stopped it and experienced complete amenorrhea for 4 years. I got my period back after working with a naturopath and a chiropractor. Once my cycle did return I began working with an acupuncturist and I also immediately started listening to the Circle & Bloom PCOS program after hearing about it on the Fertility Friday podcast (I chose the PCOS program based on my irregular menstrual history) and it became my favorite 15-20 minutes of the day. The doctor gave us the okay to start trying on my fourth cycle, during which I continued to listen to Circle & Bloom throughout, and we conceived! I’m now a returning customer for your pregnancy program! Thank you so much for your work! I can’t imagine going through this journey without your guided relaxation and visualizations! C&B is simply the best!” Andrea, via email

“I have been trying to become pregnant for over a year and a half and finally decided to try IVF. I found your web site last year and only tried the complimentary meditation. I thought since I was going to do the effort and expense of IVF, I might as well find a way to support myself so I purchased the program. I am now 5 weeks pregnant on my first IVF cycle! I am 36 and my husband is 37. I have never been pregnant before so its an incredible feeling. I just know that I couldn’t have gotten through the emotional roller coaster of IVF and have a successful cycle without the support of the Circle+Bloom program. I also bought the Healthy Pregnancy program to continue nurturing my positive energy through this really huge journey ahead. I am a real worrier but having this program helped me to not feel so alone and somehow helped me stay calm! Thank you so much for creating something so powerful!” Erin, via email

“Your Healing from Cancer program has been invaluable to me over the last year! The different sessions helped me get through chemo, radiation, and are now helping me with my post-cancer treatments. Thank you for all you and your team do!” Edie, via email

“I’d like to thank you for your programs. I used the FET program this last cycle, my 3rd round of IVF after nearly 3 years of TTC. I won’t say that was the thing that made this cycle work, but I will say that it was the most relaxed I have ever felt in anticipation of a transfer, during a transfer and the two week wait. I’ve since bought the pregnancy program, as I want to sustain that daily relaxation and self/baby love.” Andrea, via email

“After 2 1/2 years of TTC our second child we decided to pursue IVF. I purchased Circle+Bloom’s meditation and began listening to it leading up to and throughout the process. It was so comforting and reassuring. I loved how each day coinciding with what was happening during the process from stimulation, to egg retrieval, to transfer and the 2 week wait. It was an essential part of our journey and I’m so fortunate to have stumbled upon it. I got pregnant after our first transfer and between Acupuncture, supplements and my daily dose (sometimes more on days I needed extra support, calming and positivity) of Circle+Bloom, it was a winning combination.” Jill, via email

“I used the IUI program, that you generously provided for me, during my last cycle. We found out a week and a half ago that we are pregnant for the first time ever! This was our last chance before moving to IVF. I am almost six weeks now! Thank you so much for providing me with that program! I did a few different things that cycle and listening to the Circle+Bloom IUI/IVF program was one of them.” Rosey, via email

“I used your Egg+Embryo Donation program for the hopeful parent, as recommended by our fertility counselor during our 2014 treatment cycle. I am so happy to report that we have a beautiful, healthy son who is almost two now! I feel that your program was a vital part of our success. Thank you so much!!!” Amy, via email

“A big THANK YOU regarding the natural fertility program! I tried to conceive for nearly 3 years. We spent all of 2015 going through infertility testing, a uterus surgery, a canceled IVF, a failed IUI, and an IVF that resulted in one embryo which I miscarried. I didn’t know what else to do. I was hesitant to try IVF again due to my diminished ovarian reserve and the disappointing results we were receiving. Early this year, I was still recovering from the miscarriage and decided to try the C&B natural fertility program to help me relax and I got pregnant naturally the first month I used it! Unbelievable after everything we had been through. Earlier this month we welcomed Ada to our family. I truly believe your meditation program helped this happen. I used the pregnancy meditations as well all throughout my pregnancy and it really helped, especially during the first trimester when I was anxious. I recommend your meditations to everyone I talk to about infertility and pregnancy!”
Julie, via email

“I love your programs! I used the frozen embryo transfer program and found it very helpful. I just got news from the doctor that I am pregnant! I am planning on purchasing your healthy pregnancy program too! Thank you so much!!!” Martha, via email

“I’ve become a TM meditator after watching a show on Oprah. It is so powerful and has given me renewed appreciation for your work. I listen to your Energy for Empowerment and Positive Thinking & Mindfulness program and I am amazed all these years and a four year old later. Thank you and praise you!!!” Katlego, via email

“I heard about you on the Fertility Friday podcast and I’m so glad I did! We’d been trying to conceive for the past 6 months, dealing with various digestive issues and anxiety around trying to conceive. Last month, I started listening to the free download almost every day and this month we just found out we got pregnant!! Thank you for you doing such meaningful work. We are so grateful.” Gina, via email

“My husband and I want to express our sincere gratitude for your programs. They have had an enormously positive impact on our fertility process. I was diagnosed with PCOS as a teenager and lived with the knowledge that conception may be challenging. After an updated diagnoses of hypothalamic-hypopituitary dysfunction in my 30s and multiple failed medical cycles, I was feeling that pregnancy would never be possible. I purchased your IUI/IVF program on the advice of a friend, and above all else, it gave me the confidence and inner wisdom that I COULD get pregnant. I was so much more calm and grounded that month. Low and behold, after listening to the program for just one cycle, I am now pregnant! I know that mindfulness and meditation will continue to provide inner strength and guidance for the rest of my life. I am so grateful for this hugely powerful and life-changing gift. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” Rachel, via email

“I began using Circle + Bloom in Aug 2012 for our first IVF cycle. My husband and I were stationed in Germany at the time, where family support was limited. I heard about Circle + Bloom’s IVF cds through an online forum so I decided to give it a try and I absolutely loved it! I had honestly never felt that level of relaxation before. It gave me a sense of control (over my body) during a very difficult time. At 16 weeks pregnant, we embarked on our journey to our next assignment at Scott AFB, IL. Our precious son was born there in May 2013. Thank you for creating such an amazing product! It gives those of us struggling with infertility a sense of calm.” Megan, via email

“My husband and I had been trying to conceive for about 1 1/2 years, with no success. I used your PCOS for Fertility program and after 1 full cycle, I’m pregnant! I see now how crucial the mind-body connection is to this process… some yoga, a fertility massage, and listening to your program every night did the trick 🙂 I really can’t thank you enough for Circle + Bloom’s support!” Stephanie, via email

“Wow! When I purchased the Natural Circle for Fertility Program last month I had high hopes, but I never could have guessed how much I would love the sessions! I had a missed miscarriage this winter and needed to repair my relationship with my body. The daily sessions helped me rebuild my trust in my body’s abilities and I was amazed at how relaxed I became during each session. I tried to be realistic in my expectations of this month’s outcomes and the program helped me find that balance of realistic hope. I am ecstatic to share that I just got a positive HPT, after just one month of use! I just purchased the Healthy Pregnancy and Delivery Program and I’m excited to get started. I wanted to express my deepest thanks for these programs (including the free healing and recovery program). I never expected this journey when trying to conceive, but it’s nice to have a positive outlet and to know I’m not alone.” Jessica, via email

“Thank you for providing such wonderful products. My husband and I have been TTC for over four years, with only one ectopic pregnancy occurring during that time. I turned 35 years old this past April and decided it was now time to seek fertility treatment at a high ranking institution. The results of my first blood test were devastating. They told me that due to my genetics, the chances of having my own baby were very slim and strongly recommended going forward was a donor egg or IVF. I cried, but being a woman of faith, knew that God might be using this as a learning moment. Through aggressive online research to understand what might be going on with my body, I found your program by accident. I bought the Circle+Bloom Natural Cycle Fertility program on May 1st and began it immediately. I fell in love and had feelings similar to those I felt during acupuncture treatments. Something I truly needed to help with the stress generated at work. I had bloodwork retaken after being on your program for a few weeks and the results were within a normal range! I was ecstatic, but quickly learned that doctors make decisions based on my worst results. Fast forward to this past Sunday, I am naturally pregnant! I don’t know what exactly did it, but I know your program helped diminish my stress. Glory be to God for your team and his great hands of healing.” Carrie, via email

“Thank you & your company for putting together such an amazing meditation tool for us going through infertility. I listened daily to the IUI/IVF series while doing IUI & during the IVF stims & retrieval process. I listened to the FET program while going through that stage. I always looked forward to my part of the day that was just for me. That time included meditating to one of your programs. It really helped SO much! I even combined your program with acupuncture. Listening to your programs helped me to stay focused and hopeful. I had my beta today and I was over the moon to learn I’m pregnant! I really want to thank your team for helping me stay calm and relaxed during this crazy time.” Meghan, via email

“I have used your PCOS for Fertility and your Healthy Pregnancy CD’s that have led me to my currently beautiful life with my 8 month old daughter, who I never thought I could have. Unfortunately, once I stopped breastfeeding my PCOS came back! I know these meditations along with a better concentration on a healthy lifestyle will help me! Thank you!” Kelly, via email

“Thank you so much! Your meditations saved me over the past three years. Diagnosed with unexplained infertility, I used your meditations during our quest to have a family naturally. They were so helpful and really got me through some tough times, including 3 early miscarriages. We eventually tried IUI & IVF and I purchased those meditations as well. After one cycle, our beautiful boy was born last December. We are so grateful and I have no doubt that your series helped us immensely.” Nicole, via email

“Thank you for your natural cycle for fertility program. I purchased it about a week before I ovulated and I’m very happy to say that I got a positive pregnancy test this past Saturday! I really feel that the relaxation and visualization techniques made a huge impact for me this cycle. My husband even commented that I seemed a lot less stressed and worried and that I was in a better mood overall. I just bought the healthy pregnancy and delivery program and I’m looking forward to it helping me just as much as the first program did. Thank you so much!” Kristen, via email

“I bought your IVF and FET meditation sets and am 5 weeks and 3 days pregnant!!! I’m so excited, but I still can’t seem to shake the anxiety that something will go wrong after all it took for me to get to this point. I really attribute much of the success of my treatment to the guided meditation and relaxation. The mind body connection has really helped me stay positive and be in tune with myself. So much love and many thanks.” Lauren, via email

“My husband and I have been TTC for almost 2 years. We have done blood tests/sperm tests etc. Each result came back normal, telling us nothing. I was put on a wait list to see a fertility specialist and was told the wait could be up to 15 months. I felt frustrated and helpless. During this time, I had this feeling that our infertility wasn’t caused by any major biological issues. And one night, while scanning the internet for solutions, I came across your website. I have recently learned about what breathing and meditation can do for the brain. I downloaded the meditations, starting them mid-cycle, just after I had ovulated. Not only did the meditations allow me to relax, but they also helped me to bravely experience my emotions surrounding pregnancy, and my dreams about becoming a mother. I just found out I am pregnant. I plan to continue with the pregnancy relaxation program. Thank you so much for your support in my journey. ” Katie, via email

“I purchased and listened to your IVF meditations. While the IVF wasn’t successful, I couldn’t believe how calm and relaxed I felt during the entire process. I’m normally a bit antsy and on edge, and I didn’t feel that way at ALL; I had a continuous sense of calm that was very foreign to me, but VERY welcome — and I know it was because of the IVF program I listened to! I recently found out I’m (very newly) pregnant via natural means (a huge surprise for us). I’m grateful for your products! ” Addie, via email

“Thank you for the wonderful Circle+Bloom visualization. I started to use them about 6 months ago when I just experienced my 3rd miscarriage. Fortunately, we are blessed with a healthy son as well. In my search of finding back balance in my hormonal and emotional system I encountered your program. I find them reassuring, very relaxing and interesting. The body & mind connection has always been of interest to me. In combination with acupuncture treatment and some lifestyle changes my life significantly changed; I sleep better, feel more peaceful and I am 17 weeks pregnant now. We hope to welcome our little baby in June 2016. ” Anne, via email

“I am writing to share with you my success story. I purchased the fertility meditation after going through a miscarriage and used it for only one cycle. It turns out I got my BFP today! I loved the program and it helped me relax and let go of my anxieties so well. Now, I need to move on to the healthy pregnancy meditations to help keep me calm and positive for this pregnancy to hold on.” Melissa, via email

“Thank you, Joanne & team, for giving me and my husband our greatest gift. In November we welcomed our second son after 2 1/2 years of TTC, 6 failed IUIs, and a chemical pregnancy. I can’t thank you enough for providing the free grief program — it helped me get through that very painful time. Thankfully, our first attempt at IVF worked. I used both your IVF and Happy Pregnancy programs. I truly believe the IVF program was instrumental in our success. I listened to it religiously. Of course, having had a miscarriage and investing so much into IVF, I was on eggshells for much of my pregnancy, especially in the early stages. Having your calming voice in my ear almost every night made me feel more relaxed and at peace. I would recommend these incredible programs to everyone and I pray for many couples who struggle with infertility this holiday season. I know their sadness, frustration, desperation and pain especially at this toughest time of the year. I hope many of them find comfort in your voice as I have. ” Erin, via email

“I would like to thank you for your fertility audio programs. I have bought the IVF program before going to my third IVF procedure and since 10 months I am a happy mommy of two wonderful kiddos. I listened to your audio every day during the procedure but I think the session the most helpful was when I listened to minutes after the transfer of two embryos. I felt like my whole body was warm, relaxed and welcoming and than the magic happened. I did many things to make the third round of the procedure work, including acupuncture, moxa, meditation, etc., but I also truly believe in the power of visualization and your program helped me with tuning my body into the pregnancy.. 🙂 ” Daria, via email

“My husband and I had been dealing with infertility for about a year. I had made lifestyle changes but nothing seemed to be working. We were going to start Clomid in January. I heard about Circle + Bloom from PCOS Diva. I loved the idea of using my body’s intentions and my mind to help heal myself. I started your PCOS for fertility program in November. I finally felt like I had some control. It was the only change I made. On December 30th, I found out I was having a baby. He is 2 months old now. I also used your Healthy Pregnancy series. I found it incredibly helpful. Despite having gestational diabetes my pregnancy and baby were healthy and he was carried to term. Thank you again!” Maureen, via email

“Thank you!!! I’m now pregnant at my second IUI attempt! I’ve downloaded Circle+Bloom Natural Cycle for Fertility Program (because I think IUI is more similar to a natural cycle than an IVF cycle) and listened to the audio program twice a day. Of course I can’t say that I’m pregnant just because of the program – I’m too rational but I’m sure it helped me to be more relaxed and making me more aware about what is happening inside my body. I’m going to continue to listen to the pregnancy program, hoping that everything will be ok.” Paola, via email

“I originally heard Joanne speak at the Conception Summit a few months ago. I was really taken by you and listened to your free gift. I have had multiple miscarriages and downloaded the healing & recovery program. I purchased your program for natural conception & have just fallen pregnant! I am looking forward to continue my morning visualization routine throughout the next few months. Thank you for your wonderful service to those in need of some emotional support on their individual journeys!” Laura, via email

“Thank you so much!!! Your IVF relaxation and meditation CD’s worked (again)! The first time we got pregnant using them was in 2013 (that was our 3rd IVF attempt), and now we just got pregnant a second time using them. Looking forward to listen to your pregnancy program! :)” Maria, via email

“My hubby and I had been trying for a baby for almost 18 months, including 4 failed ivf cycles. I was 34 when I decided to rest my body and go the natural route. I started seeing a Chinese medicine practitioner specializing in fertility, for acupuncture and herbs. I also started your visualization program. Within 2.5 months I was pregnant and we are now blessed with a beautiful 9 month old baby girl. I am grateful everyday for this miracle. It’s hard to isolate exactly the reason for me finally becoming pregnant, but I am certain that your program calmed me, and gave me a much more positive frame of mind. I also used the visualization throughout my pregnancy, and loved it. Thank you so much! :)”Angela, via email

“A huge thank you to all at Circle and Bloom. I found you online almost one year ago, and in the time since then I have undergone extensive testing and procedures related to recurrent miscarriages, and a round of IVF. After almost three years of trying for our second child, I am now happily and shockingly 13 weeks pregnant. The meditations were helpful beyond words – I used the IVF series and the FET series, and am now using the Pregnancy series. I have recommended you to countless friends, as well as our fertility clinic in Toronto. Both our reproductive endocrinologist and acupuncturist commented on how relaxed I was during procedures, and I’ve lost track of the number of times my husband has said, “go do your meditation” when I’ve started getting stressed out. Thank you so much – you offer a wonderful service and I look forward to all my pregnancy meditations.”Emily, via email

“Thank you so much for your program! After 9 disappointing months without success, I was starting to get worried that maybe there was something wrong with my fertility. I was trying to remain calm, but a little voice in the back of my mind kept saying “what if?” I have used guided visualization programs before for pain management and anxiety, and had success with them. So, when I came across the Circle + Bloom Natural Fertility Program I thought maybe I would consider giving it a try. After yet another unsuccessful cycle, I was determined to make a change. I took a chance and downloaded Circle + Bloom’s program. I figured that if visualization works for me for the pain and anxiety, why not for fertility? I ordered the program on the third day of my cycle and began listening to it immediately. I really liked the relaxation techniques used and the guided imagery for each day of my cycle. I could really picture the ovary releasing the egg, the egg meeting sperm, moving into the uterus, and implanting. One full cycle listening to Circle + Bloom and I finally got my positive pregnancy test today!! Amazing! My husband and I are ecstatic! I have already recommended the program to a few friends! I just downloaded the pregnancy program and can’t wait to listen to it.”
Kerri, via email

“I am expecting my first on 9/1 and believe that your Natural Cycle for Fertility program worked for me! I’m 37 and have 1 blocked tube. I listen to it for 3 months every night and really enjoyed how it’s a mix between science and spirituality. I loved learning what was happening inside my body and envisioning it all functioning. I’ve been telling everyone I know who is trying for a baby about your program.” Susan, via email

“After only using the Natural Cycle for Fertility program for 1 cycle on day 29, I got pregnant. I am over excited!!! I think I had stressed myself out so much after trying for nearly 2 years that all my body needed was to relax – and all thanks to your program it worked. I can’t thank you enough! And I will be telling everyone I know that is TTC to use this program.”Hayley, via email

“I have been using your Natural Cycle Program for the past two months, and am delighted to say that after this second cycle I am finally pregnant! We have been working towards this for almost two years, and were starting to think that we might need some assistance to help us to conceive. I have now bought the Pregnancy Program and I feel more relaxed and sleep better.”Amy, via email

“After 3 unsuccessful rounds of IUI, we decided to TTC naturally. To support my body, I had to do all I could to reduce my insulin (and some of the excess androgens). I found your PCOS program online – even though I don’t actually have PCOS, I thought the insulin and androgen sessions would be good for me. Turns out they were! Yesterday I got two lines on my pregnancy test and a positive blood test result! I cannot believe that after years of trying and endless disappointment, I am finally able to do my own two-line tango! Thank you so much! Your guidance and support really got me through!”
Michelle, via email

“Your recordings exceeded ALL of my expectations. Every night before bed my husband and I would lay and listen to the recordings. It connected us, it saved me from loosing my mind. I want to tell you what you do is simply amazing! I am sure the stories and hard work is difficult at times but like Circle + Bloom tells us that we are performing a selfless task…so are you! You don’t know me but you helped me strive, fail and heal. For the rest of my life I will think of a difficult journey that you helped me overcome! “
Renae, via email

“I just finished reading your bio on circlebloom.com and my heart feels hope and light for the first time in a long while. Thank you. Truth resonated deep in my cell tissue when I read, “The negativity captures excess energy that could be redirected elsewhere in the bodies – most importantly your reproductive system.” I hope this letter helps you feel and know that the energy you’ve invested in your mission will change more lives than you will ever possibly be able to know! Somehow, I feel my vulnerability to you as a complete stranger is ok because I trust that you care because you created a company with a heart and a soul.” Emilia, via email

“We went on to try IVF and, after an incredibly smooth first IVF cycle at the ripe old age of 39, we fell pregnant. We’re currently 5.5 weeks along. I really feel that your IVF program, which I listened to religiously throughout my entire cycle, and, particularly while I was in each of my acupuncture sessions, helped me to visualize success, to believe in my core that success was to be easily had, and to, thereby, strengthen the all-important mind/body connection. Your meditation program played an integral part in our success. I’m now returning to buy your pregnancy program.” Giselle, via email

“Since I learned about Circle + Bloom, I’ve gone through 3 IVF attempts, 1 complete IVF, and an IUI. Needles to say, this journey has been difficult and the IVF/IUI meditation program has provided me such solace through this experience. I don’t have a “pregnancy success” story to share just yet, but I can certainly attest to the serenity and relaxation I have gained through the meditations. I highly recommend any of Circle + Bloom’s programs to anyone who wants to explore the benefits of mind-body work.” Anonymous, via email

“Somewhere between my first fertility treatment I found your program and something inside of me said I have to listen to this so I purchased your IVF/IUI program. I think it was just before the trigger shot. Then a long 14 days of waiting! Today, I did the test and it is positive! We are so happy! My husband’s 30th bday is exactly today. The best gift ever! I hope that everything will be ok and I am looking forward to purchasing your program for pregnancy! From the bottom of my heart thank you for what you are doing! It is amazing!” Alenka, via email

“I have used your programs to survive the last three of two years of IVF. Joanne’s voice and techniques make me relax fairly quickly. On our last round of IVF, I was given steroids, growth hormones and a whole plethora of injections as I had been diagnosed with endometriosis. The meditations helped me cope, as did the beautiful emails I received from Joanne and Amy. Well, our last cycle worked, I went in so relaxed after the meditation. I then used the pregnancy meditation which helped me relax and visualize what was happening. And finally, I used the happy birth program which also helped me calm my nerves and fears of giving birth into positive thoughts. We now have a beautiful two week old boy. I am eternally grateful for accidentally finding your website with all those meditations. They have helped me through some tough and amazing times. Thank you for all the work and thought that has been put into your website and programs as well as how easy it is to contact you via email.”
Samantha, via email

“I recently used your IVF/IUI Circle+Bloom program, and I have to admit I was first skeptical, but at that point it was my 15th month of trying to conceive, and I had just received my 3rd IUI. I was losing hope fast, but I really feel that your program helped me take away the stress of daily life and trying to conceive. It made me really focus and visualize. 16 days later, I received my very first positive pregnancy test. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I am now 7 weeks along, and could not be more thankful. Thank you for playing a part in my husband and I receiving what we’ve been hoping for for so long. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it!” Nicole, via email

“After an internet search I found Circle+Bloom. I added the meditations to my acupuncture sessions and would fall asleep each night listening. I began to feel more positive all the time when I thought of our baby! Then after an initial visit with a fertility specialist to simply check hormone levels he told me I was already pregnant (6 months after my 3rd miscarriage trying for baby #3).” Melissa, via email

“Visualizing the energy and the growth of my embryo and the love being sent to it really helped. I was fortunate enough to get a positive test this week and have good beta numbers. I will be buying your pregnancy program shortly but wanted to say thank you for making the IVF/IUI program and to let you know that I have been recommending it here in the UK.” Nicole, via email

“I bought the Natural Fertility program and was pregnant after 2 months, after a miscarriage!” Sara, via email

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am pregnant. After 3 years of trying it finally worked. I did the IVF Program every night and sometimes twice a day. It helped tremendously. I am so happy I found your meditations online. Seriously. Amazing!” Angie, via email

“I got pregnant after 2 months of listening to the Fertility Program and having been told our chance to conceive naturally are 5%. This program works magic, literally. My endocrinologist was shocked to find out about my natural pregnancy, since the first ultrasound showed that I produced the usual multiple eggs, as I always did because of my PCOS. It was my mental powers that made it happen.” Anna, via email

“I was randomly reading blogs about IVF to prepare myself and I came across a comment from a total stranger saying “Circle + Bloom fertility programs are great!” I googled it and downloaded the free sample. I really liked it and decided to purchase it! I have now purchased your Program for Healthy Pregnancy and Delivery and I know it will help me to keep me calm and I hope it helps me to have a healthy pregnancy.”
Jenn, via email

“My friend told me about your program for IVF/IUI. I used it for my second IVF attempt and am currently pregnant! I enjoyed the program so much I would love to continue it. I’ve been listening to day 26 from the IVF program over and over and looked for and bought the pregnancy program today! Thank you! I’ve been sleeping soundly despite all of the stress of the IVF cycle and feel more energized and positive. I loved the IVF program and can’t wait to start using the pregnancy program. Thank you!”
Kell, via email

“I was looking for meditations to help me deal with my loss and heal from the inside as I was devastated. I did the Healing + Recovery meditation everyday for 2 weeks and it has had such an impact on my life. I feel I have found some peace for my baby and I am learning to accept myself and take away the pain. I was so impressed with this meditation that I am going to try others, however I’m not trying to conceive as I already have a family. Our lost angel was a surprise addition so I’m really happy Circle + Bloom has a couple of meditations that I can use that aren’t restricted to couples trying to conceive. I will first purchase the Happy Mind + Healthy Body program, then I intend to purchase the Energy for Empowerment program. I can’t wait, you have had such a huge impact on my life! Thank you.” Sharon, via email

“I have been using Circle+Bloom for over a year. It really helped me relax and focus on what was important. I had been trying to get pregnant for about 18 months when I found these programs. I am 39 so I was worried it would never happen to me. I now have a week old baby and I fully credit Circle+Bloom for helping this to happen.” Susan, via email

“Thank you so much! I used your IVF program while going through our IVF process and I firmly believe it helped us, as I’m pregnant with twins. I’m excited to be able to use your pregnancy and birth program as well. I tell everyone about your program!” Dawn, via email

“I absolutely love Circle+Bloom, I recently had a missed miscarriage at 12 weeks which broke my heart, I didn’t think I’d ever recover and I stumbled across the free, yes FREE, guided meditation to help heal from the inside out after such a trauma. When I first listened to the introduction the story moved me and I cried, again! When she said I’d need to do the meditation for about a week I thought to myself I will never heal in this time but here I am 5 days in and I feel amazing. Obviously the pain of loosing my child will never leave me, but this meditation has helped me so so much, it made me realize other issues I had and has helped me find acceptance of myself and peace for my baby. I can’t recommend this enough and I will definitely be trying other meditations from Circle + Bloom.” Sharon, via email

“I just wanted to share my good news with you. I have been using your programs for the past year going through infertility treatments. I used the IUI/IVF program for 4 IUI’s (all of which failed unfortunately) and my first IVF cycle last month, which resulted in a BFP!!! I am so excited and in shock actually. I am almost 5 weeks pregnant so it’s really early but I’m so relieved. I just wanted to tell you the program helped me relax and visualize what was happening during my IVF and was a great source of comfort to me during the cycle as well as for retrieval and transfer. Thank you for making this program.” McKenzie, via email

“I just wanted to let all of you at Circle+Bloom know that you helped me to get pregnant on the first cycle of using your fertility program, and I have been trying to conceive for 2+ years. I KNOW that your program was the thing that made the difference for me in helping me to conceive. Stress has always had a huge impact in my life, and I had this gut feeling to give your program a try, and I am not even kidding, it worked the first cycle. I really love your program and have recommended it to all my TTC friends. I am now 12 weeks pregnant, and I can’t believe it! Thank you so much.” Valerie, via email

“I have been using your programs (IVF, pregnancy, healing/recovery, and blissful sleep, in that order) over the last six months, and I credit them with much of my success in IVF, and then in healing after a miscarriage. Thank you for your wonderful meditation programs! I know from firsthand experience how effective they can be!” Michelle, via email

“I have listened to the IUI/IVF program while conceiving my son and the FET program while conceiving this baby. It has helped me focus, stay relaxed and prepare my body. I am very pleased to hear there is a new pregnancy program now available.” Anon, via email

“I purchased your IVF program and I listened to it consistently. I really enjoyed hearing the relaxation techniques before bed and I just found out that I am pregnant. Your programs are great and I’m looking forward to the Healthy Pregnancy and Delivery program as well.” Kendra, via email

“What a great concept and brilliant method you’ve mastered! The breathing, the visualization, then the kind of seed thought for that particular day of the cycle is perfect. It’s the only thing that has decreased my stress levels during what is my fourth IVF Cycle! So thank you, regardless of what happens, I have experienced techniques to calm my center. Congratulations on works that make a difference and change lives.” Nicole, via email

“I found your program on the internet during one of those days where I felt completely helpless about my fertility. After four years of trying to conceive, I had reached a point where I needed to stop and re-evaluate my approach and to find a new way to manage myself, my emotions, and the physical aspects of the treatments. Circle+Blooms programs have helped me tremendously, and I absolutely believe it is one of the primary reasons that I am now able to move from listening to the IVF & IUI program to the Healthy Pregnancy program!” Kerry, via email

“I purchased the fertility meditation bundle and got pregnant in two cycles, after two and a half years worth of trying! I cannot thank God enough for bringing C+B across my path, it has been one of the biggest missing pieces in my conception journey.” Rebecca, via email

“And now that I am pregnant at 42, I want to do everything I can to ensure that this pregnancy is carried to term and we have a healthy baby, and so I am really looking forward to starting your pregnancy program! Your voice has become such a comfort to me.” Carla, via email

“I can’t say enough wonderful things about Circle and Bloom! I am currently 17 weeks into my first pregnancy. My husband and I have tried IVF 3 times, and this time it worked! I am absolutely convinced that the guided imagery cds helped me obtain my best lining and subsequent success. I downloaded the Healthy Pregnancy, which has really helped me to relax and feel confident that I am doing exactly what I need to do to insure a healthy pregnancy. I can’t thank you enough for these amazing products!” Lily, via email

“I was hesitant about using meditation as a way to relieve my stress and to become pregnant. Having someone tell me to talk to my body? Crazy. After trying out the free download for a week straight, I already felt better and more optimistic about getting pregnant. I finally got the urge to buy a program and after using it for a couple days, I am even more positive about my situation. Visualizing what’s going on in my body helps me mentally relieve all the stress I had built up prior. I am so thankful for this program. It gave me a new perspective on meditation.”
Marissa, via email

“A little feedback from someone who has used your TTC program for 3+ yrs. It is a nice continuation of a habit that I got into before going to bed. Now I can continue it for the pregnancy! Besides it is great to have a “familiar” voice to help you guide through some wonderful experiences and emotions. Thank you for all your hard work and for creating the Healthy Pregnancy MP3! I’ve got it on my iPod and will be taking it with me to the hospital when we go into labor!” Liz, via email

“I listened to your IVF program after 2 failed attempts to get pregnant. After one miscarriage in clomid and 4 years of trying naturally to conceive with a stressful career to juggle I took a step back from it all, bit the bullet with our first IVF egg transfer procedure and bought your relaxing program. I listened to this religiously, just before bed. I truly believe this calming influence at a time of stress and small hope were contributors to falling successfully pregnant. We are over the moon with excitement as we now count down the last few weeks till our little miracle joins us.” Karen, via email

“I wanted to pass on my gratitude for your IVF Program. Going through my third IVF treatment was an isolating and stressful time and I had real fears and anxieties. I can honestly say that I had great benefit from this program. It helped me to be calm, to relax and feel that I had some control over my mind and body in a situation where I otherwise felt helpless. There was a real turning point for me in one of the early messages. It helped me to think about the medications in a positive way and to accept them as something I needed and welcomed.”
Lisa, via email

“Having recently suffered a miscarriage, it was a very dark time for me and although my family and friends were very understanding, they had not experienced loss and did not really know how to console me in the way I needed. The Healing and Recovery program made me feel understood and I remember crying the first time I listened to it. I needed to hear those words and I did need to just carve out a thoughtful time for myself to heal, reflect, and plan next steps for the future.”
Patricia, via email

“Last summer I purchased your IUI fertility meditation. I used the meditation in conjunction with acupuncture and found myself totally relaxed. I wasn’t stressed at all about getting pregnant which is so important when trying to conceive. We were successful on our first attempt! On April 30, 2013 we had a healthy, beautiful, baby boy. Thanks so much. I always believed in the power of meditation but never imagined we’d be this lucky!” Carolyn, via email

“Thank you SO much!!! I used the program for a natural cycle for 3 months after almost 5 years of TTC (unexplained) – got pregnant on the 4th and had to purchase the pregnancy program ASAP. Thank you for your high quality programs and great, personal customer service.” Elissa, via email

“Thank you for putting your amazing programs out there. I am a 40 year old woman with PCOS and was told by my doctor that I had only about a 12% chance of getting pregnant. Luckily, I came across your IUI/IVF program and after religiously listening to it every night I was free of any anxiety and relaxed as can be. I played the special IUI session right after the injection and peacefully drifted off while “things went to work”. Understandably the two week wait was somewhat unnerving but the daily hypnosis sessions kept me surprisingly calm. To make a long story short, I AM PREGNANT! On my very first try against all odds and I am convinced that it’s to a large part thanks to your program!!! A BIG thanks to you, Joanne and Amy! These are the best $60 I have EVER spent! I am now enjoying your new pregnancy program and am looking forward to each new week/month’s recording.” Stephanie, via email

“The Circle and Bloom audio programs were fantastic. I was so excited when I found them online. I am a strong believer in visualization, and cannot emphasis how much these audio programs helped me in my pregnancy journey. I really enjoy waking up every morning and listening to them. It is the perfect way to start the day, as it gets you in the right mindset. I am now 20 weeks pregnant and still listen to the 2nd trimester audio each morning. I find the visualization easy to follow and very calming and reassuring. I would highly recommend the audios to anyone wanting to get pregnant and I can honestly say it is one of the best investments I made.” Amy, via email

“I have been a customer of yours for over two years, having purchased multiple programs including the IUI/IVF program, Egg Donation program and Happy Birth program. After multiple attempts, my husband and I are expecting our baby in six to eight weeks. I believe your programs have really made a difference for me throughout my fertility journey and your warm and personal emails are inspirational as well. At 44-years-old, my dream is being fulfilled. I have referred you to many others including my RE and nursing staff. Thank you!” Elizabeth, via email

“I have been using your IUI program and even purchased the program for men for my husband. We were able to get pregnant on our 3rd IUI cycle, which was the first time I listened to the C+B program from the very start of my cycle. I know there are so many things that have to align for a cycle to be successful, but I really feel like C+B contributed to my success. My thoughts were so much clearer and I was able to breathe so much easier. I’m so thankful for your programs.”

“I got pregnant after 2 months of listening to the Fertility Program and having been told our chance to conceive naturally are 5%. This program works magic, literally. My endocrinologist was shocked to find out about my natural pregnancy, since the first ultrasound showed that I produced the usual multiple eggs, as I always did because of my PCOS. It was my mental powers that made it happen.” Anna, via email

“I just wanted to send a quick note to say I’m deeply enjoying the programs. I’m a surgeon, currently working 16h days, 6 days a week, and I’ve had insomnia since forever (even with this schedule!). I’ve just started listening to c+b last week, and I can say I’ve slept soundly for the whole week! I felt great these days! I’m very confident that this will help me in every aspect of my life, including conception, and I can’t wait to start the natural cycle program next month. Thank you so much for your wonderful work.” Manuela, via email

“I am using the Circle and Bloom program for the donor recipient and and having profound results in terms of my energy level, my mood, my sense of optimism, my groundedness, my ability to be present with this process instead of frantically worrying about the past and future and, most importantly for me, my capacity to truly quiet my central nervous system. I am a yoga teacher and have done a great deal of mind/body work over the course of my life, and this program is OUTSTANDING! :)” Jen, via email

“Thank you Circle + Bloom for your Natural Fertility Meditations which I believe helped me conceive. Our journey started a year ago at the fertility clinic. I have a female partner so “the old fashion way” wasn’t an option for us. My doctor told me about my congenital heart defect and a few cardiologist appointments later I learned that I needed to have open heart surgery before getting pregnant. After a successful surgery, my cardiologist cleared me for pregnancy. I started listening to your program from cycle day one and went in for an IUI in December and I am now just five weeks pregnant! I anticipated many months of inseminations before one worked, but listening to your meditations helped me gain confidence in my body – being able to handle and being capable of becoming pregnant. I believe that your program really made a difference for me.” Nancy, via email

“I wanted to take a moment to just THANK YOU! I firmly believe that the success of my IUI has been because of Circle + Bloom. We have been trying to conceive for 4 years, including doing a fertility study for PCOS patients with the University of Pennsylvania, and decompressing with Yoga, but it wasn’t enough. With the right doctors, and best intentions everyday listening to your IVF/IUI program, we were successful on our first IUI when we were told it would take IVF for sure! We cannot wait to welcome our little one in August 2013!” Jennifer, via email

“I purchased the IUI/IVF Mind Body program during the middle of our 6th month TTC, immediately after ovulation. We are using IUI to achieve pregnancy. We did not get pregnant that month, but the following month we did. After listening to the mind body program faithfully each night before falling asleep, we got pregnant. I give a lot of credit to the Circle + Bloom program. It’s so easy for negativity to creep in. My wife and I enjoyed listening to the program and we can’t thank you enough for putting together this healing intervention.”
Amanda and Wife, via email

“Just wanted to say a big thank you for your IVF program, I stumbled across it by accident on the internet and bought it for my sister who at 38 was told she had less than 10% chance of conceiving with IVF, she followed your program and recently found out she was pregnant after only one IVF cycle. 1 blastocyte has now turned into 2 and she is expecting identical twins! I’m sure your program made a big difference for her, so please keep up the good work and keep helping others.” Helen, via email

“I live in Australia and was introduced to your fertility programs through acupuncture. I can happily say that I am now pregnant & using your pregnancy and birth cd’s as well! I just wanted to say that out of anybody I have ever heard or listened to, your voice is the most soothing and relaxing. I get so much out of your programs & certainly recommend them to others at every opportunity. Together with Hypno-birthing, your words have helped remove all the fear and doubts that I had before, preventing me from wanting to fall pregnant in the first place. I now trust in my body & the wonderful, natural, sacred event that it can actually be!”Rebekah, via email

“First of all I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating this product. I honestly believe it was a HUGE factor in getting pregnant. After a year of TTC I am a little over 12 weeks pregnant and I used your PCOS for Fertility Program. I used it in the morning and at night the cycle I got pregnant. I am a FIRM believer in the power of positive thinking and in the power of the mind. When I came across this product I just KNEW it was going to work for me, and it did. After our little bean is born I plan to purchase other products to help sustain a healthy and happy life. Once again thank you so much. I will never forget what your product has done for me and will definitely share your site with others TTC, praying that their journey turns out as successful as mine. Melissa, via email

“I recently went through IUI and IVF cycles. It wasn’t until going through IVF that I found your IVF/IUI Mind-Body Program. What a blessing this was! I downloaded it and listened to it each night of my cycle, which I think played a profound role in my overall outlook/positivity throughout that cycle and to my…drum roll please…SUCCESS! I just found out that I am pregnant and, wanting to continue with this mind/body meditation, I downloaded the Program for Healthy Pregnancy and Delivery.” Nicole, via email

“I love the meditations, you have done an outstanding job. The music, the length of sessions and the visualizations are simply amazing. The best I have seen out there! Thank you for providing such an outstanding product! I will definitely recommend it to anyone who is on the TTC journey!”
Maria, via email

“Just wanted to send an email to let you know how much the Circle + Bloom IVF/IUI Mind-Body CD and Energy for Empowerment CD have helped me prepare for the FET which was this morning. I have been so nervous, but by the time this morning came around, I was more excited than nervous. I listened to the transfer session last night, while being driven in, while waiting for the transfer, and then straight after. I had quite a painful experience with the FET and during the session after, I felt all my insides relax again and I felt so much better, straight away.” Sarah, via email

“On our 16th unsuccessful cycle and having been diagnosed with unexplained infertility, I had enough of all the doctor appointments and medicines and we stopped everything – no charting, no tracking ovulation, no taking temperatures, EXCEPT for listening everyday to Circle+Bloom. I loved how it put me in a better state of mind. It was a great way to ease into “going cold turkey” from fertility treatments, and we were stunned when the pregnancy test showed two lines! Jinette, via email

“I believe that I have become a lot happier with myself since starting the Circle Bloom Program…I even feel beautiful!MommaRoberts07, Twitter

“Circle+Bloom is a very important tool in the fertility kit. The Circle+Bloom audio mind-body program perfectly provides the support I need each day of my fertility journey. The audio meditations and visualizations so well-researched and well-crafted that I recommend it to every friend trying to conceive.”Donna, DC via email

“I loved the program! I think it helped me relax and ultimately helped me get pregnant. All of the other stuff I threw out the window but I stuck with this.” Jennifer from Baby Makin(g) Machine

“IVF is so emotionally exhausting. The drugs and the procedures are out of your hands. But I could control my attitude and my positivity, especially with the help of Circle + Bloom. I believe with every fiber of my being it’s one of the reasons we can finally say we are EXPECTING!” Kelly via email

Watch this short video to see + hear the enthusiasm of Kelly, Stephanie and Jennifer – all of whom used our program and were excited to tell us about their experiences:

“I’ve really struggled with insomnia, and with Circle+bloom, I was able to fall asleep faster and not wake up in the middle of the night. For that alone the program was worth it’s weight in gold to me. And then another thing happened. I ovulated.” Kate from BustedPlumbing

“We love you!” Conceive Magazine via Twitter

“I’ve been listening to the program every morning and it’s become my favorite part of the day. I sit in a reclined chair overlooking a garden, with the sun shining on my face. The guided visualization and relaxation takes me to a place I would not reach on my own. At the end, I feel refreshed at the end and thankful that I have devoted time to this part of my life, instead of feeling helpless about.” Marli via email

“I highly recommend @circlebloom’s program. Very relaxing. I am also very excited about the new IVF program they are developing!” Ready2BeMom via Twitter

“I am so thankful that Circle+Bloom was developed and helps women like me who struggle with unexplained infertility. This simple, brief (about twenty minutes daily), enjoyable, visualization and relaxation program has enabled me to focus my mental and emotional energy on helping my body throughout the reproductive process. Given everything else I have tried from accupuncture to IVF, this is the one program that is incredibly affordable and worth every penny!” Stephanie, comment left on Amazon

“I test every product I recommend to my patients before I recommend it, and I can honestly say I’m in love w/ @circlebloom! Tx guys!” GabrielaRosa via Twitter

By far Circle+Bloom’s fertility meditations are the best I have heard. This is the first daily tailored program I have experienced and really think it will work wonderfully for IVF and other fertility treatments because they are so segmented and involve phases that presents different circumstances and challenges.Stephanie Fry from IVF Companion

“After 5 uses of @circlebloom, I am SO in love with it! I know it’s helping me!” TTC_aholic via Twitter

“Thank you for making such a great product!” BustedKate via Twitter

“Went from a resting heartrate of 130 – 140 to 90-100 after an hour of @Circlebloom” TTC_Queen via Twitter

“I want to give credit to Circle+Bloom! I have been sleeping better and more relaxed, but I especially appreciate the positive thinking aspect…I just feel better this cycle. I don’t have that sense of dread and those feelings of “I’m not going to respond well to the medication,” or “this isn’t going to work.” From the Bloggers of “He Said, She Said” on Conceive Magazine Online

“Circle + Bloom has created a powerful mind/body program to combat stress, using relaxation techniques and daily guided visualizations that can be used again and again, in tune with your monthly cycle. You can experience quick, but long-lasting, change whether you are trying to conceive naturally or pursuing assisted conception.” Lisa Marsh, Fertility Coach

“I’m looooving the Circle+Bloom program! I can honestly say it has improved my sleep 100% – my husband even listened to with me last night and he even enjoyed it.”Chirleen, via Facebook

“This program allows me 15 minutes to myself every day, a time for my mind to just shut down, and it puts both my mind and body at ease.”Jen, from her blog After the Alter

“Although it’s disappointing to be heading into yet another cycle, Circle+Bloom has given me something to hold onto. I look forward to those 15 minutes every single night and often leave that day’s track on repeat and fall asleep listing to it over and over again. I feel empowered with the decisions I’m making everyday on so many levels and I know 2010 holds so much hope and promise for my husband and I to finally get our family started.” Malinda, via email

“I tried to conceive for 2 years and recently used Circle+Bloom each evening during my IVF cycle. Yesterday I found out that it worked and I am pregnant! I know that Circle + Bloom assisted in my staying calm and focused throughout the cycle. During the time right after the transfer, when I was feeling very negative and stressed I listened twice a day and that is how I was able to find some peace. Thank you for this great program!” Rose, via email

“Circle+Bloom is amazing! IVF is a very stressful process and it’s hard to keep yourself calm, relaxed, and positive. I listened Circle+Bloom each night, and we were successful this cycle! I credit Circle+Bloom for a lot of this success.” Leigh, via email.

“I was introduced to Circle + Bloom by a patient that was using the program and loving it. I was very impressed with the quality and content and now offer my patients the ability to listen to their programs during their acupuncture sessions. I personally have been using their Energy for Empowerment program and have had profound experiences especially with the metabolism session. I now recreate the visualization exercises whenever I think of it throughout the day to regain the healing relaxation energy I feel when I am listening to the programs.”Elizabeth Hudler, Acupuncturist FABORM – Koru Health Center

“I highly recommend the Circle+Bloom programs to complement acupuncture for fertility – in fact, we offer our patients the ability to listen while being treated in our offices. It extends the acupuncture benefits every single day.” Mike Berkley, L.Ac., FABORM – The Berkley Center for Reproductive Wellness

“I truly love the program! I’ve listened to all sessions several times now and have felt a remarkable difference–especially in my quality of sleep! Joanne has a wonderfully soothing and calming voice that makes settling down with the program a pleasure that I really look forward to. I find the visualizations vivid and effortless to practice. For me, listening to the sessions has been like taking a mini vacation from the frenzy of my normal day. As you know, for the last few years I have been meditating on a daily basis. Recently, though, since my work schedule has gotten a bit out of my control, I have not been as routine in my meditation schedule as I had been previously. As a result, my energy reserves along with my patience and state of mind has suffered. The most surprising benefit of the C & B program has been that my daily mediation routine was rejuvenated immediately, and the quality of my mediations has improved significantly. My daily meditations have become so much deeper since I began using the program! It’s been remarkable. I don’t understand why, but the effect was immediate and dramatic! Thanks for putting this out there. I hope more women take advantage of this great program. It will certainly make for happier moms, and families too!” Cheryl, via email

“I’m pregnant! All I can say is that I was a complete basketcase during the process of trying to conceive. I added the Circle+Bloom fertility program and instantly felt so much calmer, could sleep better, and felt at peace with my body’s ability to do its thing. Two cycles later, I’m pregnant. I will definitely be adding your pregnancy program to my arsenal for times when worry and anxiety try to get the best of me. Thank you for this genius program!” Amy, via email

“I just want to thank you sooo much for creating this program. I have been trying to conceive our 1st child for 12 months and used your program for 2 cycles and I got my BFP this morning!!! My husband and I are beyond excited. Your program really helped me relax each day and assisted me in envisioning everything that was taking place in my body and allowed me to trust that everything in my body was working as it should. I will be buying your pregnancy tracks shortly!” Marissa, via email

“I am on day 11 of my cycle and I have been using the Fertility program about twice a day and sometimes also using the Energy program as well (the sleep session is amazing!). I feel so much more relaxed, calm and happy. I’m feeling really positive about getting pregnant as opposed to feeling so desperate (which I still am but in a calmer more positive way).” Catherine, via email

“I’ve been listening to your Energy and Natural Fertility Programs, and find them very empowering. It’s taken me a long time to really understand the connection between the mind and body, and realize that I cannot heal my body with healthy food and exercise alone.” Louise, via email

“I just want to say that I love your products and have purchased the fertility cycle CD which I listen to everyday. I have been on holiday in australia for a week and was looking forward to listening to the Energy CD when I got back yesterday, I had listened to it once before I left and it made me feel alive!” Aoife, via email

“Each of the IVF sessions have such wonderful messages, I want to make sure I do not miss any of them. My body is really responding to the messages, my stress is way down, joy is way up and my body is on track with response per the doctors.” Melissa, via email

“Your PCOS for Fertility Program worked!!!! I finally ovulated! You have no idea how happy I am! Thank you all so much! I am telling everyone I know. This is the best money I’ve ever spent!”Liz, via email

“Thanks for your amazing ivf circle & bloom recordings I downloaded in January this year when I faced my first full ivf & icsi attempt. I religiously listened to your program twice daily, sometimes more, to focus and to keep positive on our scary journey with everything against us (2% chance of working). I am a healthy 42yo & very happy to be 8 weeks pregnant and I know your program was a large part of our success. We struggled with infertility for many years, trying all forms of natural therapies, herbs, tonics, yoga, acupuncture and Meditations and when faced with ivf being our last option the stress you face is all consuming and as much as people say “relax” sometimes it’s easier said than done, but your program kept me relaxed, focused, positive and balanced for whatever was to eventuate.”
Allison, South Australia

“I am finally pregnant and I needed to share the excellent news with all of you at Circle and Bloom. After a second IVF and using your PCOS and IVF program for the first time, our dream came true. Thank you so much for guiding me and keeping me calm and occupied during some tough tough days. These programs are very special therefore I immediately purchased the Pregnancy Program when I found out I was pregnant! I am excited to get started and care for me and my new life. I have been on a long journey of healing and your program brought everything so beautiful together. It is still very early, and I have not shared the news with very many people, but you had to be on the top of the list to share my news! Thank you again Circle + Bloom you are truly special to me!” Whitney, via email

“Thank you so much–your meditations have kept me company for 10 months, through fertility treatments, the pregnancy and the delivery. It’s hard for me to even imagine what the whole experience would have been like without the meditations, but my guess is I would have been far less physically and emotionally comfortable.”
Jennifer, via email

“My husband and I had been trying for 2 years to get pregnant. My doctor had run initial tests that showed I didn’t have any outward infertility signs. I found your program on accident when I was looking for a good meditation series. The months of April and May 2011 I used the Natural Fertility program and found out on May 26th I was pregnant. I am 18 weeks today and very happy.Thank you again.” Nikki, via email

“Thank you so much for your wonderful IVF and Energy Program, I know it helped enormously in helping me cope with the buildup today, and I am looking forward to continuing it in the next two weeks. I felt that I was prepared as best as I could be, and I know I owe that in large part to the Circle and Bloom programs.”
Sarah, via email