Announcing new programs and pricing, as well as “The Complete Fertility Package” option

It has been about four months since we initially launched our Mind + Body Fertility Program to the market. Honestly, I couldn’t be happier with the feedback and support we have received from our customers. The response has been overwhelming positive, and hearing how the program is helping women during their fertility journey has certainly made the hard work that went into creating the program worth it! Not only that, but you have been providing us ideas for new programs. You talk and we listen. Here are some responses we’ve received:

“I am getting the best sleep of my life since I started to use Circle + Bloom.”

“I really do think that Circle + Bloom was one of the things I did to help me get pregnant.”

“What I love best about the program is that it is something I can do for me. I can’t control anything else in this process, but this is something that I can do everyday that makes me feel empowered, centered and calm.”

“This month I used Circle + Bloom and I ovulated! I’m starting to be a believer.”

Please keep all of your thoughts, ideas, feedback, requests and opinions coming about our Company and products. They are essential as we follow our journey to live out Circle + Bloom’s purpose, “to help create families, in a caring and enjoyable way, by giving greater control over fertility, health and well-being.”

And here are specific ideas and feedback that we have taken to fine tune our offerings, including the introduction of new programs:

“I would love it if my husband had a program that he could listen to and help him better understand the benefits I am experiencing with Circle + Bloom.”

“I am ecstatic that I am pregnant and would love a program that I could use over the course of my pregnancy to continue the benefits of the mind and body connection.”

“I am a little confused about how to download the program, it would be much easier for me if I could just buy the program on a CD.”

“I love the free trail and I know I would benefit from the full program, but I just can not afford the $125 price.”

We are happy to announce the next phase of our journey based on everything you have shared with us. We are introducing a new bundle package, called “The Complete Fertility Package,” to address all of the “wish requests” we received and are now offering the 30 session  Mind + Body Fertility Program at a lower price in both downloadable and  six CD-set options as described in the rest of the post:

The new “Complete Fertility Package” includes the following:

  • Our patent-pending 30-session Mind+Body Fertility Program. We will ship the program to you (at no extra cost) on a Six-CD set and e-mail you a download link to the program so you can began to enjoy the program immediately.
  • A 30 minute one-on-one fertility session with Lisa Marsh (telephonic or video-conferencing), Fertility Coach (;
  • A downloadable relaxation and visualization program for your husband or life partner, available only when purchased with this package;
  • One-hour MP3 download of special relaxation music;
  • Introducing! Our new 4 session Post Conception Mind+Body program to continue your relaxation and visualization exercises after you become pregnant.
    Circle + Bloom bundle image

    A package deal worth $175, offered immediately for $125.

    New CD Option and Pricing for the Mind+Body Fertility Program
    If you prefer to buy just the Circle + Bloom Mind + Body Fertility Program we will now offer it at a lower price and two different delivery options.

    • Audio download version for $59
    • Six-CD set for $69 (plus shipping and handling)

    Click here to go directly to our new buy now page.

    All existing customers of Circle + Bloom should receive a special email from us regarding the additional programs. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your specific questions.

    Our programs are now fully backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, even our downloadable products. We hope you find these additional offerings helpful, and keep the feedback and requests coming, we are committed to helping you with your fertility journey in the most positive and enjoyable way possible.

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    • FutureMama December 16, 2009, 4:35 pm

      How exciting!! Wow, I love all these new options and the new price looks PERFECT!! I can’t wait to tell my friends!

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