Book Review: Healing Mind, Healthy Woman

Just a quick note to say that we are beyond thrilled with the unbelievable response we have received from the launch of our new IVF/IUI Mind-Body Program!  If you haven’t done so yet, click on over and see all the details.

In our effort to pass along great books related to empowerment and fertility, we are happy to let you know about Healing Mind, Healthy Woman by Alice Domar, M.D.

Dr. Alice Domar, who has been described as the “Queen of Fertility,” is the author of this resource that should be on every woman’s bookshelf. My copy is full of dog-eared pages and sticky notes jutting out this way and that because so much of it is poignant to our research and product development. Healing Mind, Healthy Woman explains how to use our mind-body connection to better manage stress and take better care of ourselves.

Not only does it cover the basics of the mind-body connection and methods we can employ immediately to improve our outlook and health, but it also is full of wonderful stories – examples of real woman overcoming odds and changing their lives. A large portion of the book is dedicated to infertility and the “hidden relationship between fertility and stress,” which is her professional focus through her work with Boston IVF.

I love that the focus sits squarely on excessive, negative thought-patterns. I’ve always held the notion that stress is definitely cause by our daily environment, but I’ve wondered how much of our stress is actually caused by hurtful inner commentary – all those old “records” that play in our minds that we unconsciously take as truth. Awareness of these thoughts allow us to begin to change them and is the first step towards a more optimistic outlook and increased control over our lives.

Here is a video where Alice speaks directly about stress and relaxation:

I highly recommend this book! We also invite Ms. Domar to review our fertility programs. We’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback.

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