Celebrating National Infertility Awareness Week

When I tell people that there are 7.3 million couples affected by infertility in the United States alone, their response is usually of disbelief. By contrast, there are about 200,000 new incidents of breast cancer each year. Clearly, breast cancer is a devastating disease and 200,000 is an enormous number, but it does strike me that a disease that impacts 7.3 million couples has little awareness and is so misunderstood.

The RESOLVE organization has done a tremendous job in this year’s National Infertility Awareness Week, which officially runs April 24 – April 30th. They have created an excellent resource that lists events that are running both virtually and all across the country in an effort to build awareness.

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And we are offering a free online interactive webinar with the esteemed Dr. Rob Kiltz on Monday night at 6pm (April 25th). We will be discussing the mind-body connection and Dr. Kiltz will be ready to take your questions. Click here around 6pm TODAY to participate!

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