Circle + Bloom Announces It Is Giving Away A Free Fertility Meditation Audio Mp3

Circle + Bloom’s Free Fertility Meditation Audio Mp3 article was featured on, October 4, 2011

Circle + Bloom announced today, for a limited time, that it will be giving away for free a fertility mind+body meditation mp3 audio.

Andover, MA (I-Newswire) October 4, 2011 – Circle + Bloom is giving away, for a limited time, a fertility meditation audio mp3 download to help women who are tying to conceive. The free infertility relaxation audio will help women who want a baby to relax and reduce stress while they are tying to get pregnant.

Circle + Bloom offers mind+body mp3 audio programs to help women use a powerful health tool they all have easy access to; their brain. The programs are based on the brains scientifically proven ability to direct the body to bring real physical changes to optimize health, well being and fertility. Circle + Bloom’s programs have been developed based on brain-body research that can bring about true and lasting changes in the body. The brain works by using images or pictures – so “seeing” what your body should be doing; you become the director of your body to help it restore its own health, energy and balance.

This is essential to your fertility, since it is mostly hormone-driven. The programs also give another enormous benefit: the reduction of stress, which is being found to affect most of our bodily systems and make-up, especially the effects on our fertility

For a limited time , Circle + Bloom will offer a twenty minute fertility relaxation audio for free to allow women to experience the impact mind+body audio programs can have on their health, stress and fertility. The complimentary fertility relaxation audio is easy to use, once you download the program you simply get comfortable and listen.

Circle + Bloom’s programs are comprised of audio tracks which use a combination of music and spoken word to bring the listener into a deep relaxed state and unleash a powerful mind-body connection. They are doctor recommended and Circle + Bloom offers a full money back guarantee. The body is not able to distinguish between what is physically happening to it and what the brain is visualizing, therefore the body responds to “instructions” from the brain. Mind-body medicine has been used to help people fight cancer; lower blood presser and address back pain for many years. Circle + Bloom has brought mind-body medicine to women’s health issues, by basing the visualizations, or “instructions”, on what should be occurring medically in the body to address specific health issues. You can find Circle + Bloom’s full line of women’s health programs at their site and other free fertility related offers as well.

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