Circle + Bloom Announces Relationship with The Still Point Holistic Spa

The company’s fertility, pregnancy and energy programs will be offered at The Still Point’s centers for sale and to use during treatment sessions


Circle + Bloom announced today that The Still Point in Takoma Park, MD will be offering the entire suite of the company’s fertility and other programs at all of their locations.   The Centers offer a range of eco-friendly health, beauty and wellness services and have the DC-area’s leading organic beauty boutique.

Tori Paide, M.Ac., is an acupuncturist and owner of The Still Point and opened the center with an inspiration to support the health and wellness of the her community.   “Circle + Bloom’s mind-body programs are a perfect addition to our services.  Circle + Bloom gives us an easy way to offer health and wellness support to our customers in the privacy of their own home, giving them a chance to take time for themselves every day,” said Tori.

Circle + Bloom’s programs are doctor recommended and are based on information the medical and scientific world continues to discover about how the mind and body interact and how stress impacts people’s health on many levels.  With this knowledge and understanding, people can become empowered to take more control of their health and wellness treatments.   Circle + Bloom has taken this knowledge to create powerful mind-body programs to help women with fertility, including unexplained infertility, pregnancy, PCOS, energy levels and sleep issues.

Joanne Verkuilen, Founder and Partner of Circle + Bloom said, “We are thrilled Tori is creating awareness and education around the power of the mind-body connection and how easy it is to use this power to help improve health and well-being. Their customers can extend the incredible benefits of their services in the privacy of their own home for only dollars per day.”

Circle + Bloom receives high praises from their customers on how their programs have changed their lives.  Customer stories are highlighted on their website, along with professional endorsements.  They have also have a blog and podcast series called “How Einstein Would Get Pregnant,” click here to subscribe.

About The Still Point

The Still Point is DC’s leading holistic spa offering wellness and beauty services ranging from acupuncture and therapeutic massage to holistic facials and non-toxic nail services.  Their expert practitioners see clients for varying health and wellness concerns, including fertility and women’s health issues. They have created a beautiful space that combines tranquility and peace with some of DC’s best practitioners with experience in unexplained infertility, combining holistic medicine with ART, and other women’s health issues.

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