Dr. Bernie Siegel – New York Times Best Selling Author

We heart Bernie. From early on, Dr. Siegel – or Bernie as he likes to be called – has been incredibly supportive of what we are doing with Circle + Bloom™.  His help and collaboration – and ultimately his endorsement of the final product – has been inspirational for me on a lot of levels.  Here is a man who has dedicated most of his professional career to helping people with incurable diseases from a whole-person approach. He has countless stories of people overcoming enormous odds to heal themselves, representing a body of work that everyone can learn from as we age and inevitably are presented with ailments that need to be addressed.

The story of the meeting of Bernie was another one of those synchronous events that have come to define the creation of this company. I was at my sister’s house at Cape Cod where in her bookcase, which was filled mostly with business books, was Bernie’s Love, Medicine & Miracles that was published back in the 1980s. Of course a very different topic than that of fertility, the book focuses on cancer and the multitude of incredible stories of healing that his patients experienced. I blew through the book in the matter of hours and saw immediately the connection with infertility and the possibility of using a similar mind/body visualization approach to trying to get pregnant.

I googled Bernie, got to his website, emailed him an introduction to myself and the fertility relaxation product that I was in the midst of formulating, and he returned my email offering his help within an astonishing 30 minutes. I was thrilled beyond belief. It was then that he offered his feedback on the product. He was incredibly supportive of the concept and what I had done. His advice on how to better instruct and guide throughout the program was a cornerstone in its development. He then agreed to lend his name and his endorsement. We are so grateful to Bernie!

p.s. He did tell the story twice about a nurse in his office struggling with infertility. He told her to do a visualization exercise of seeing her partner’s sperm and her egg meeting and joining. He said she was pregnant the following month.


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