Pain + Triumph

What is the connection between pain and triumph? Does the human condition make it necessary to go through the former to obtain the latter?  Here is a video about two high school kids who not only have nothing but one is almost blind and the other lost his leg in a tragic accident. Do they let any of that get in their way toward personal victory? Just the opposite.  Their experience has given them ammunition to electrify their lives.  What is it in the human spirit that can turn that switch from pain+victimization to pain+triumph?

I do not think there is a definitive answer to these questions – rather, the truth is found weaved through the fabric of our collective experiences. My experience with trying to conceive (TTC) was painful. It was painful on my body, it was painful on my mind and outlook.  It was as if I was on a long train ride expecting to end up in one place, but then realizing in the middle that I had no idea where I was going.  Not only that, I was alone on the train and couldn’t get off.  It was scary, frustrating, maddening.  PCOS and two difficult miscarriages.  At the time, the only positive thing about the miscarriages was getting a prescription of Valium that helped quiet my rage.

Four years later…I can say that the pain I experienced gave me the foundation, even the energy, to create a new passion and purpose in my life.  It caused me to take action, and to find a way to help other women who may be dealing with the same pain of infertility – a fellow passenger on that train to nowhere.  This  drove me to spend the past two years talking with experts and other professionals, as well as doing my own research and really understanding the stress-infertility link and the incredible mind/body connection.  What came out of that – two years later – is the Circle + Bloom™ program.

Like the leg-less boy in the video who accomplishes his goal of walking across the stage to receive his diploma, the ultimate triumph for me came on June 17, 2009 when I received an email from one of our first customers ecstatically letting me know that she was pregnant after using Circle + Bloom.  I feel a tiny bit like I have helped her get off that nowhere train, back in control of her life.  Thank you, Kelly, for giving me the chance to do that.  I now know that the two years I put into this program have been worth every second.  What have I learned?  Pain+Triumph=Life.

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