The Team.

One of the most enjoyable parts of building this company has been witnessing the excitement that the Circle + Bloom™ idea generates. From highly-educated professionals in the fertility world, to best-selling authors, to colleagues, friends and family – the response has been incredible.  And now I can add notable and highly successful business executives with decades of experience with a passion for entrepreneurship to that list as well – with the addition of Susan Gosselin Cooke, Jerry Greenberg and Clement Mok to the Circle and Bloom team.

I believe when something is meant to happen, it unfolds almost effortlessly.  Let me introduce them one by one.

Susan Cooke is also my sister, friend and now Circle + Bloom’s Co-CEO.  How lucky am I that I can now share all the mounds of work with someone as smart, successful and take-charge as Sue.  Sue made the entrepreneurial jump into the business recently, seeing the enormous potential of the baby-making market that actively seeks answers.  And with a product that in its early stages has seen incredible success stories with “profound” experiences by its customers, she believes Circle + Bloom will have a significant positive impact on people’s lives.  This has always been one of her life goals; to find a way to have her career have a direct impact on improving people’s lives.  Susan held various executive level management positions at Sapient along with Jerry and Clement.

Jerry Greenberg is an uber-successful entrepreneur – and still so very young.  Jerry is the co-founder of Sapient (NASDAQ:SAPE, Corp, which is a global consulting and marketing firm with over $600M in revenues.  MBA programs study Sapient’s leadership and organization behavior.  I just recently met Jerry and what immediately struck me was his natural ability to lead.  I believe that Jerry’s interest in Circle and + Bloom branches into his sense of ownership that we must take with our own health.  He is passionate about high-quality food, exercise and leading a balanced life.  He is also working with legendary Chef Nozawa and has opened two highly successful sushi restaurants under the brand SugarFish™ – I highly recommend if you live in the LA area.  Circle + Bloom will now benefit from his brilliance for our customers.  How awesome is that.

Clement Mok worked with both Jerry and Sue at Sapient as well as their Chief Creative Officer.  He is an award-winning designer having a sixth sense of how to get people to response to art/design/product positioning. He adds a thoughtful approach to our discussions always analyzing a problem with intelligence and creativity.  I am also impressed that Clement spoke at a TED conference recently and was on the original Macintosh team.

Pinch me!  I love working with these people.

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