Energy for Empowerment Program Review by Lisa Drouillard – My Hopeful Journey

Lisa Drouillard, Founder of My Hopeful Journey, (an online organizer designed to help women going through infertility treatment that keeps all the information and appointments organized and accessible) reviewed our Energy for Empowerment Program. Lisa knows first hand how difficult it is to manage infertility treatment and has a passion to help other women by bringing them valuable tools for their infertility survival kit. Lisa says Circle + Bloom is one of those tools that is helpful on this journey to motherhood. It takes a village to raise a child but sometimes it also takes a village to create a child. Circle + Bloom & My Hopeful Journey are part of that village!

I am like most women, I start the day with my mind racing, run full steam ahead until around 7:00 PM comes when I am ready to fall over. To add to that, I recently had a lot of pain in my neck and as a result, I have been going to physical therapy. While I was in physical therapy (most of the therapy is passive on my part), I had the chance to listen to Energy for Empowerment. I always seem to discount the importance of taking the time to relax and focus on taking care of my body and mind. But once I do I wonder why or how I let myself get to this point especially since it is so easy and doesn’t take too much time.

From the very first session, this program helped me get an amazing sense of relaxation and clarity to start the day. I feel the energy was not the hyped up, scattered type of energy that I am used to. The energy that I felt was a more focused and confident energy. Allowing my body and mind to get quiet especially when just starting my day was extremely therapeutic and beneficial. I will continue to listen to this program especially during times that I am extremely busy, overwhelmed and hectic because I know that it will not take time away from my day but allow me to be more focused and have a more productive day! I would strongly encourage others to try this program.

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