Fertility Pregnancy Programs

Stress negatively impacts our fertility.
Take a break from the stress that normal life throws AND the added stress trying to get pregnant piles on. Take time for yourself every day to truly check out and
deeply relax. Guided visualization with wonderful alpha-state music sets the stage for peace and tranquility and lets you reduce stress & enhance fertility.
Enjoy medically based visualization exercises
that track to your monthly cycle, opening the
mind-body connection. Our programs are based
on the fact that we have “body-intelligence”
that we can tap into using guided imagery and visualization. Spending just 15 minutes a day
listening gives profound therapeutic benefits
and we’ve taken the guess-work out of it for
you. Elegantly simple & surprisingly effective.
Learn more about our Natural Cycle for Fertility,
IVF/IUI, PCOS for Fertility, Frozen Embryo Transfer,
Egg/Embryo Donation for the Hopeful Parent,
Egg Donation for the Donor, Healing + Recovery,
Relaxation for Men, Healthy Pregnancy + Delivery,
and our Fertility eBook. As a little something special
you also get a free 6 month membership
from My Hopeful Journey with any purchase
of our fertility programs.


“When you’re trapped in the soul-crushing cycle of infertility, you’ll do pretty much anything and everything to up your odds
of conceiving. At one point, about a year into our struggle, I would estimate
that 85% of my daily decisions revolved around the question, ‘Will this help me
get pregnant?’

When I heard about Circle + Bloom,
I jumped at the chance to try the CDs.
I believe in the body’s ability to help itself and wanted to tap into that. Most of the treatments and therapies I had been
using involved someone else doing something to me: Physicians prescribing
me drugs, my husband injecting me
with hormones, my acupuncturist
moving my chi. This was a chance to
do something on my own.

We’re currently 26 weeks pregnant with
a little girl, after a year and half of
medical intervention, an operation to remove my left fallopian tube, two
failed IVFs, a chemical pregnancy and
a horrific bout of OHSS. I attribute the pregnancy, first and foremost, to IVF
and the skill of our fertility doctor. But I
know I helped us get here by taking
positive, proactive steps, like the Circle +Bloom CDs. They were empowering at
a time when I felt out of control, comforting when life seemed unfair. I’ve since passed them on to a friend who’s recently embarked on her own journey and hope they bring her the same sense of peace, strength and potential which they brought to me.”

“My husband and I have been married for
7 years. I am 37 and he is 38. We did 5 IUI’s,
1 natural, 2 with femera, 1 with clomid and 1
with injectables and none of them worked.
We came to a point where we just couldn’t
handle the roller coaster of emotions and the devastation any longer. So we stopped
everything. I took time to recover mentally, physically, and decided to make a change.
My husband and I set up a consult with
Dr. Kiltz of CNY Fertility in Syracuse NY
in December to start our first IVF.

I changed my diet completely to all fruits,
vegetables and organic meats and started
doing Zumba to lose some weight. I also
started taking Royal Jelly and at the recommendation of Dr. Kiltz downloaded
Circle + Bloom’s IVF mind-body program and
started listening to them religiously night
after night after night. It transformed my subconscious and made me very positive
and relaxed beyond what I knew I could be…
we did the IVF Cycle and had 13 eggs at retrieval,
9 fertilized and 4 made it to maturity, we picked
the 3 best embryos and had our transfer.

We got our first ever POSITIVE Home pregnancy
test on March 11! I am now 24 weeks and
everything is going great! We are having a BOY! What I would tell others that are just about to purchase your product: Miracles do happen
and don’t ever give up on your dreams of
having a family! My husband and I thank you
from the bottom of our hearts!”

“My partner and I had been trying to conceive
for more than 4 years to no avail and as
my 42nd birthday approached I was
considering giving up on our dream of
becoming parents and turning my focus to
other things.While all my tests and those of
my partner (LH, FSH, sperm sampling, etc., etc.)
had come back with favorable results, we still
were not achieving pregnancy. We are both
healthy and active and our doctors, both Eastern
and Western, could not find an explanation for
our infertility. On my own, I had been doing a
lot of research on healthy eating, yoga for
conception, vitamins and supplements for fertility,
chiropractic and acupuncture (the latter which I
had been doing for more than a year), etc.
Still, no pregnancy — and I was well aware that
my time appeared to be running out, primarily,
I believed, due to my age.
I decided to use Circle + Bloom programs
because I am a believer in the wisdom of
the body and in the body’s ability to heal,
to transform, to come about to a new way of
being. We are dynamic beings, ever-changing,
and we carry within us the innate ability
to heal ourselves yet it seems to me that we
do not trust this enough, nor is it taught
to us, and one would be truly lucky to find
an MD who held this same philosophy and
espoused it to his/her patients.

The Natural Cycle for Fertility program has
made a terrific impact on my life. I purchased
the downloadable product and found myself with
a positive home pregnancy test just three months
later! I am thrilled to tell you I am now 4.5
months pregnant, due on May 1.”