Circle + Bloom Fertility Programs Recommended by CNY Fertility Center and Dr. Kiltz

Leading Reproductive Endocrinologist in New York to recommend Circle + Bloom’s mind-body programs to his patients trying to conceive

Circle + Bloom announced today that Dr. Robert Kiltz of CNY Fertility Center with offices in Syracuse, Albany and Rochester New York are recommending the company’s programs to their patients in conjunction with their reproductive treatments.

“Our patients and everyone else looking to build a family should know about the power of the mind and brain to help the body to improve fertility. Circle + Bloom has created a suite of programs that make it easy to tap into the powerful brain-body communication we all possess to help improve the efficacy of treatment and Western Medicine,” said Dr. Kiltz.

CNY Fertility Center will offer Circle + Bloom’s programs at each of its fertility centers, on its website, and train CNY’s nursing staff on the power of using such visualizations and relaxation to improve patient outcomes.

Circle + Bloom’s programs use a combination of accepted treatments used in mind-body medicine, including stress reduction through the body’s “Relaxation Response” and guided visualizations promoted by Dr. Bernie Siegel and Dr. Carl Simonton. The “Relaxation Response” is a proven technique described in Herbert Benson’s groundbreaking work showing the detrimental effects that stress has on our bodies and how, through calming the mind, we can implement real physiological changes.

Carl Simonton M.D. and Bernie Siegel pioneered the modern use of guided visualizations. Using the cerebral cortex, or how the mind interprets visual stimuli, the body responds to what the mind “sees,” aiding the body to find its natural balance and health. Circle + Bloom has brought medically guided visualizations to help with infertility, including unexplained infertility and other known causes.

The company’s programs have also been tailored to improve pregnancy health, PCOS and other women health issues. The programs are easy to use audio programs that are an enjoyable way to take control of ones health. The programs can be purchased on CD sets or an mp3 download on their website

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