Introducing 3 NEW Titles on CD Format

Now our Frozen Embryo Transfer Program, Egg+Embryo Donation Program for the Hopeful Parent, and Egg Donation Program for the Donor are available on CD.

Our FET program is a 11 session audio regimen that will guide you specifically through each stage of the FET procedure – from the first part of the regimen when you suppress your cycle, through when you begin taking estrogen, or other fertility supplement, to the actual transfer and after. Feel in greater control over your mind and body during this very important time of your life!

Our Egg+Embryo Donation Program for the Hopeful Parent is specifically designed for couples who will be receiving a donated egg or embryo. Do everything you can to best prepare your body for this very important step in your fertility journey. Remove stress, reduce fear, and leverage the very important mind-body connection during every single aspect of the procedure.

Finally, our Egg Donation Program for the Donor is specifically designed for those who have decided to undergo a very brave and noble procedure to donate eggs to another woman who is seeking to have children of her own. You are giving the gift of life and in the process helping another women realize her dream of pregnancy and becoming a mother. You can not only help your body improve the odds of successful proliferation of eggs in your ovaries, but you can also help your body find balance while experiencing the various elements of the procedures – from the medications, to the tests and to the egg aspiration procedures.

We hope our new CD versions of these great programs will allow you to further enjoy Circle + Bloom!!

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