IVF / IUI Mind Body Program in the Works.

We are proud to be working with one of the leading fertility clinics in the U.S. – Valley Hospital Fertility Center, associated with New York University Fertility Center – to create a special mind body program specifically geared toward an IVF and IUI cycle.

Dr. Dehan Chen, graduated from Harvard University and Albert Einstein College of Medicine, has lent his expertise in helping us understand the tests, drugs, timing and the procedures involved in the IVF and IUI cycles. dr-chen-photo

The program will contain special programs that will address the “precycle,” cycle-days through the trigger shot, two special programs covering the aspiration (for the IVF procedure specifically) and subsequent transfer, and then five different programs to help you through the two-week-wait. We are working with a handful of women going through the IVF process “real-time” while listening to the programs “hot-off-the-press.” One of our beta-users has had this to say so far:

….I listen to the meditations everyday! I loved them, and am really hoping they bring me the relaxation and stress relief my body needs…It is nice to feel that there is something I can do to contribute to each day, as so much of this is so out of my control. It is empowering to know I am making a choice that can help me. Thank you again for this wonderful opportunity :)”

If not evident, we are very excited about this program, especially because we have had tremendous success with women using our Mind+Body program during an IVF cycle.

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  • Lisa Marsh February 24, 2010, 5:44 pm

    This is exciting stuff; getting so closely involved in resolving specific aspects of fertility treatment and working directly with Dr Chen and his patients. Your commitment to helping women achieve their dreams of having a child, is apparent in everything you do. There’s no stopping you. You’re doing all the right things and there are so many women who need to know about Circle + Bloom.
    (I may be slightly biased as a big fan and your fertility coach, but I mean every word I say.)

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