IVF Treatments Abroad

Guest Blog by Sharon on behalf of Hadassah Medical Center, visit them for more information on IVF treatment in Israel.

For those unable to conceive naturally, in vitro fertilization (IVF) has been a gift from heaven. Otherwise, couples, or even single parents, would have no hope of achieving the dream of parenthood without adopting. With IVF, people have an excellent chance of becoming parents to offspring born from at least one of the parent’s DNA.

As is to be expected, together with advances in medical technology and greater experience performing IVF procedures and adapting it to different problems associated with conceiving, IVF has come a long way since the first successful birth of a “test tube baby” 35 years ago.

Increasingly, traveling abroad for fertility procedures has become an appealing option, mainly because individuals can pay thousands of dollars less than what they’d spend at home. While going abroad for fertility treatment requires research – not just about the overseas fertility clinics, but also on topics including safety standards, ethical and legal issues and multiple births – high success rates and costs are a powerful draw.

Perhaps the leading country in this field is Israel. Not content with being a giant in the field of hi-tech, the tiny country of Israel is arguably the world’s leading destination for those seeking successful IVF treatment. A confluence of factors has led to this. Israel, the Jewish state, places an incredible priority on families and family life. This rationale stems from both a religious perspective and an existential one as the state wants to encourage the birth of Jewish families to maintain a Jewish majority population.

The government supports IVF treatment is Israel financially by subsidizing women under the age of 45 to give birth to up to two IVF children irrespective of the number of procedures required. The IVF treatment is available to women, married or single, irrespective of religion or sexual preference. Consequently, Israel has the highest per capita rate of IVF procedures in the world.

A first rate medical system, excellent doctors, sensitivity to parents seeking their own children, and a supportive government makes Israel ground zero for IVF treatment. Yet it is not only Israelis who can avail themselves of the experience gained from performing many more IVF procedures than other countries – only 1% of children were born via IVF in the U.S. in 2010 versus 4% in Israel.

Israeli hospitals offer their expertise to foreigners seeking their own IVF child. The government does not subsidize these procedures, however the expertise attained by doctors performing numerous procedures is available to anyone willing to pay – and the cost is often much less than IVF procedures in countries such as the U.S. or U.K.(the average cost of IVF treatment in the U.S. is USD12,400)

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    It is to be expected, together with advances in medical technology and greater experience about health.A first rate medical system, excellent doctors and all other facilities are offered.

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