My Hopeful Journey – Online Journal/Calendar For Women Trying To Conceive

Featuring a guest blog from the Founder of My Hopeful Journey. My Hopeful Journey is a web-based calendar, task list and journal for women that are trying to conceive that is customized for infertility treatments.

When I was going through treatment a few years ago, there were no good ways to electronically track treatment, no iPhone apps, no My Hopeful Journey type applications. I am a type A personality and I like to have a plan and be prepared! That is why I created MHJ in a nutshell. While I was going through treatment I used the tools that I had available at the time to manage the details for what seemed like an eternity! I took notes in notebooks and encrypted my work calendar with “appointments” that would help me stay on track without telling the world… blood work and ultrasound appointment or egg retrieval procedure, etc. I essentially pieced together a system and made it work for me, I improvised! I envisioned an easier way and thought, why isn’t there a tool out there already? But I couldn’t think too much about that because I was too busy working FT, raising my step-children all the while focusing on my mission to have a baby! Halloween 2009 my life was forever changed in a permanent and powerful way! Actually it was 2 hours after Halloween was over, the pain of “real” labor struck. It was the moment that I had waited for my daughter was born.

Once the shock and chaos of being a brand new mom wore off, I leaped into action. I had to help other women achieve what I had… but how??? The concept of an organizer, the one that I looked for when I was going through treatment, came back to the front of my mind. I knew what I had to do! It didn’t have a name yet, but the purpose was crystal clear. I could help women going through treatment with this electronic organizer, a place to document everything infertility… named by my husband, My Hopeful Journey! As clear as the mission was, it was not so easy getting there. I had the vision but I didn’t have the technical skills to make it happen. I spoke to many women in this community, conducted a survey and that was really what took this from concept to reality. I decided that I would personally fund the development of My Hopeful Journey. My long term savings account took a BIG hit but I knew in my heart that this was going to be a much-needed tool for this community.

My Hopeful Journey is not only a great place for the type A borderline control freak personality types like myself, although they LOVE IT! It also provides the structure and framework for those that aren’t obsessed with planning and organization and for everyone in between.

Beyond the tool itself, I am collaborating with authors, coaches, clinics, conference and many other professionals that support this industry to partner with them to reach their clients, customers and patients. I will admit that I initially created My Hopeful Journey for the intended parent going through infertility treatment. But as I reached out to this community I realized there are several other groups of people that could greatly benefit from My Hopeful Journey. I am also connecting with egg donor agencies, fertility preservation agencies and surrogates to introduce My Hopeful Journey.

The first 30 days is always FREE but I will donate My Hopeful Journey to organizations that provide financial support to those in need and also to fertility preservation agencies. We also have a special deal with to offer 50% off any subscription you decide to do after the 30 free trail. I greatly value the collaboration and encourage anyone that wants to work with My Hopeful Journey to contact me at .

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