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Guest Blog by Marni, the creator of Bridge To Baby, an online support community and social media website for people trying to grow their families and those who want to help.

I have spent years working at building a family and I know many aspects of the TTC journey. I know first hand that a woman cannot do this alone. In my struggles to conceive a second time with Asherman’s Syndrome and ultimately choosing surrogacy, I felt the need to help others dealing with infertility using my personal experience.

After launching in March of 2011, I had a desire to go one step further and create an iPhone application that encompassed all the tools and resources I used during my fertility treatments. I came up with the idea to create an application that can help women be more organized and more in control of their fertility.

My Fertile Food is designed to help women who are trying to improve their odds of conceiving a baby, by eating healthy foods that are beneficial for fertility. It has been found that eating certain foods can improve the quality of women’s eggs, reduce stress, improve conditions for implantation, and prepare the body for pregnancy.

My Fertile Food is a customized tool enabling women to figure out their own individual needs. As an example, someone who is underweight needs to add more good fats to their daily diet or someone with PCOS should consume certain foods help regulate their menstrual cycle. My Fertile Food allows you to customize and individualize your dietary intake and gives you the ability to stay in control and motivated from anywhere!

But that’s not all! Not only is My Fertile Food a fertility food tracker and motivator, it also gives you access to Bridge To Baby and My Hopeful Journey. Bridge To Baby is a community for emotional support and resources. My Hopeful Journey is a mobile app which helps you stay organized and manage your menstrual cycles, medications, appointments and specific infertility treatment information like lab tests and procedures, and so much more.

I hope My Fertile Food helps you in your journey!
To read more about Marni’s journey go to Bridge To Baby.

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  • Hawawu May 1, 2012, 6:39 pm

    Hi my name is HawawuMusah I find very difficult in getting pregnant can fetility food help.

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