National Infertility Awareness Week Special Event

Interactive Webinar with Dr. Rob Kiltz of CNY Fertility Center

In celebration of National Infertility Awareness Week, please join us for a special discussion with Dr. Rob Kiltz, founder and director of CNY Fertility Center.

Dr. Rob Kiltz is a Reproductive Endocrinologist, and is the founder and director of CNY Fertility Center with offices in Syracuse, Rochester and Albany. Dr. Rob is also an artist, writer, and speaker. He is passionate about positive thinking and the mind body. Dr. Rob is a rare bird, I believe, in the field of medicine. Not shy at all about spreading the very non-scientific view of the mind body and power of belief, Dr. Rob seeks to share this philosophy with his patients, nurses and colleagues.

In particular, CNY incorporates what they call “The Fertile Secret™” which integrates state-of-the-art western reproductive technologies with the wisdom of eastern healing modalities at all of their locations. This includes acupuncture, meditation, massage, nutrition, yoga and support groups to provide an unmatched level of emotional support to their patient population.

What we will learn on this call with Dr. Kiltz will be:

  • The definition of the mind body connection
  • Why the combination of western and eastern medicine is so powerful
  • Discussion around the power of intention and positive thinking towards family building
  • His top three tips for women are trying to conceive

Call Details:
During NIAW, Monday April 25th at 6:00 p.m. EST
Bring your questions for Dr. Rob as this will be a truly interactive video call-in show.
Simply click on this link to register and get more information.

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