It’s Fun to Be Shameless

Do one thing every day that scares you.

We’ve kept these babies under wrap for some time… and we’re thrilled to finally let it out for the world to enjoy!

Working with the one and only Pamela Madsen (more on her and her new book here) we are thrilled to announce the latest addition to our growing mind-body family. We floated the idea of bringing fun back into baby-making-sex to our customer base to see if they would be interested in such a program, and there were shouts of yes, yes, yes. Goes to show you there is an incredible need, and demand to feel pleasure again out there!  And as things always seem to fall into place, about this time we began to get to know Pam…and the rest is history.  We have teamed up to address the need for finding pleasure head-on. We couldn’t have done it without Pam.

We decided to create two programs:


For every women looking to awaken from a sexual perspective. The program contains 4 sessions that takes you on a journey inside your body to explore the true essence of your femininity. Pam helps you get your mind out of the way, and begin to explore the transformational power of pleasure to feel freedom, confidence and love for yourself…just as you are. Do you ever approach the idea of love-making with dread, anxiousness or just plain indifference? This program is designed to improve feelings of self-acceptance, learn about how your body is programmed for sex, and why pleasure is not only healthful for you but can transform your life. The first of it’s kind, this mind-body program is a unique combination of music and words that leads you through a journey of self-acceptance, helping you learn your sexual feminine nature and become accepting of your body as beautiful, elegant and uniquely you.

Click here to learn more about this program.


This program was specially designed for the TTC woman. A four session audio series helping you to engage your body again in the act of love-making. Reconnecting with the pleasure side of you will help not only your relationship, but ultimately your fertility as feeling pleasure is such a wonderful way to reduce the harmful effects of stress. Feeling sexy is good for you and good for your body it can transform your life. How often do you approach the act of baby-making sex like a fire drill Sargent? How much fun was that? Has this created problems in your relationship? Unfortunately, stress does play a major factor in fertility, and the downward spiral of despair of trying to conceive undermines our efforts dramatically. The good news is that baby-making sex, and having fun with your partner again, can actually help to reverse all of this negativity. Pamela will show you that pleasure is good and healing.

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