One Woman’s Unexplained Infertility Journey – Ending in Success.

From time to time I would like to share with you stories on why I decided to start Circle + Bloom. There is no greater feeling than when our customers tell us our Mind + Body Fertility Program is making a difference, and hearing their stories has made this one incredible and emotional journey for me. The last 24 hours have been especially emotional because we received many comments from customers about how our program is making a difference, and three people let us know that they were pregnant and could not thank me enough for creating Circle + Bloom. I thought it would be nice to share one e-mail from a women who had unexplained infertility and decided to take a break from her “fertility program” except for using Circle + Bloom. I share this as one example of the power of the mind and body connection. I hope you enjoy!

Hi Sue and Joanne!fertility-success

I just found out that I was pregnant yesterday afternoon (a few hours after you sent this email) and am still trying to wrap my head around all of this! You can use my story on your website if you wish.

Our story goes like this – my husband and I started trying December 2008, using fertility charts, ovulation predictor kits, everything. At the end of our 11th cycle (October) we started going through the infertility workup. We were told by our gynecologist that we were unexplained infertility with possible cervical factor (he wasn’t sure if the sperm were actually making it up into my uterus). We started medication in November, and did our first IUI in December. In January 2010, we saw a reproductive endocrinologist who found out that I had borderline premature ovarian failure. At 25, I was running out of eggs. We weren’t sad, but we were glad to finally have an answer. We were told to stay on that medication for that cycle.

When February came (cycle 16), I had enough of all the doctor appointments and medicines (considering I rarely take Tylenol) and we stopped everything – no charting, no tracking ovulation, no taking temperatures. The only thing fertility related was your program – I had seen other bloggers talk about your program for a while and was interested. I loved how it put me in a better state of mind. My blog readers even commented on how much more at ease and relaxed I sounded. It was a great way to ease into “going cold turkey” from fertility treatments, and we were stunned when the pregnancy test showed two lines!

Ironically, earlier in the day before I read this email, I was thinking “If I take this test and it shows that I’m pregnant, how does my C+B thing work now since there’s already a baby in there?” hahaha.

Thanks so much!

Thank YOU Jinette for showing others how important mind body and relaxation is to fertility. All the best to you, Jinette!

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  • Busted Kate March 5, 2010, 5:34 pm

    That’s such wonderful news! Congratulations to Jinette!!

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