Pay It Forward Fertility Summer – Reaching Goals and Circle+Bloom’s Gift to You!

After months of sharing, learning, and growing together as a community, our Pay It Forward Fertility Summer Challenge is drawing to a close. We received so many touching and thoughtful responses from all of you throughout the course of our summer challenges and we are thrilled to announce that we had 282 total pay it forward actions!

We came so close to meeting our 300 actions goal, and we want to give back by paying it fertility forward to you! As a thank you for your participation, we invite all of our fans and customers to use the special code payfertilityforward20 (expires 9/25) to receive a special 20% off discount on any Circle+Bloom program! Also congratulations to Cindy and Turinese for winning our flash giveaway in July, and to Laurence, Julie, and Brittany for winning an entire line of our downloads FREE!

Our supportive community is stronger than ever and we hope to grow the fertility circle beyond this campaign by continuing to share good things and encouraging fertility to bloom! Thank you again for sharing your experiences and opening your hearts.

With love and gratitude,


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