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  • What I wish I knew
    – Prior to a LONG history of Infertility and a preterm loss in 2009, I wish I knew I had to advocate for my own medical care and seek God and HIS answers instead of relying on just the guess-work of only 1 practitioner.

  • What I wish I did
    – In hindsight, I wish as a young twenty-something that I had been encouraged to seek a second opinion on my fertility diagnosis. Had I gotten a second opinion, took the initiative to be my own advocate by reading and understanding my rights as a patient I wouldn’t have given up trying to have a baby because I was told it couldn’t happen only to learn 8 years later that we were indeed pregnant.

  • I am grateful I knew
    – Enough after the loss of our son preterm, to get records and educate myself on the events leading up to our loss. I diagnosed myself with an incompetent cervix while fighting for a stitch for my second child. I fought for that stitch until they decided they knew for sure it was in fact IC up until week 19. If I didn’t encourage them to monitor me weekly, our beautiful daughter would have passed away at week 22 like our dear boy did. You know your bodies ladies! If something seems wrong, educate yourself and fight for the medical care and bedside manner as a consumer. While Dr.’s are well educated, they sometimes lack the knowledge of how we know our own bodies.

  • I am grateful I did
    – Fight for the stitch. Had I not, our daughter wouldn’t be here today.

  • I would want others to know
    -The symptoms of an Incompetent Cervix and other issues pertaining to preterm losses. Please see my resources HERE. To hear our testimony of how this blog came about please check out the Introduction Page.

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  • Diane January 25, 2012, 10:33 pm

    Good words. Most people dont understand that they should be an active participant in their healthcare. You always have the right to say to something you do not want…. and conversely…. you have the right to ask for what you do want. Be your own advocate ladies.

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