Recognizing Your Power

When it comes to their health, many women feel powerless. It’s unfortunate when you consider the fact that we really do have quite a bit of say in the care of our bodies and how we advocate for our health. Unfortunately, doctors don’t always recognize our power and, to make matters worse, we don’t stand up for ourselves and correct the error of their ways. If you think you’re left to the hands of the medical science experts to keep your body and mind happy and healthy, you’re in for a pleasant surprise.

The Power is Actually in Your Hands

Believe it or not, the power to advocate for your health is indeed in your hands. If you feel that a doctor is overlooking a serious concern or isn’t taking your input or suggestions seriously, you are well within your right to say so. I cannot tell you how many women have made their doctors take a step back and actually begin listening by saying something as simple as, “I don’t think you’re actually listening to what I’m saying.” If that’s the feeling you get from your doctor, stand up and say so. It may be their medical practice, but it’s your body.

The Research is At Your Fingertips

If you feel like your doctor isn’t giving you everything you need to know (or maybe he or she doesn’t know everything they need to know) then there is nothing wrong with doing research yourself. There is a world of medical information at your fingertips – you just need to look for it!

The Internet is a great resource for finding answers to the questions you may be having. Unexplained hair growth (or loss)? Rapid and unexplained weight gain? Irregular menstrual periods? If your doctor isn’t giving you the answers or the solutions you want, get online and begin researching your symptoms yourself. You’d be surprised at just how much you can find out with the click of a mouse.

Don’t Let Anyone Intimidate You

The bottom line is this… It’s your body. It’s your life. No one can tell you what you should (or should not) be concerned with. You have the power to find alternative therapies. You have the power to discover what is really going on with your body. You know your body best, so shouldn’t you be the one advocating for it?

Never let anyone intimidate you into accepting half-hearted answers or symptom-based treatments that don’t really seem to be getting down to the bottom of the problem at hand. Advocate for yourself, your body and your health. If you don’t do the job, who else will?

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