Review of our Mind+Body Program by Busted Plumbing

Thank you Kate from Busted Plumbing for the wonderful review of our program. bp_125_01
We are so touched! Honestly. It’s not only humorous, but it’s full of perspective. And I already told her that I took the “cheesy” as a compliment, because – yes – at times I went out on a limb. But it was WORTH IT.

A few quotes from her review:

“A few months back I became acquainted with a program called Circle+Bloom.  Joanne, founder of Circle+Bloom, is on Twitter, and I liked her right away.  Mostly because she didn’t try to sell me something.  She was just nice, and helpful.  She asked questions, and solicited feedback.  And I’ll be honest, I’m a simple creature.  I really liked their website design.  It’s full of soft pretty colors and cute little chicks.  So that’s how they first caught my attention…

First thing I noticed was I was sleeping better.  Since my D&C last fall, I’ve really struggled with insomnia.  I mean, REALLY struggled with it (please see post on infomercials).  The meditation mellowed me out before bed, and I was able to fall asleep faster and not wake up in the middle of the night.  For that alone the program was worth it’s weight in gold to me.

Here’s the other thing that happened:
circle bloom ovulate

She ovulated. For a “PCOS gal” that’s a big deal.

Move on over to Busted Plumbing and enter to win the full 28-day program on an iPod Shuffle! Your choice of green or pink.

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