Transforming the world of infertility, one couple & one birth at a time

This makes it all worth it. Allow us to be “shameless” and share this jaw-dropping testimonial from one of our customers who used our programs while trying to conceive, through an IVF, all through her pregnancy, and to help prepare her for her delivery. Thank you so much Rebecca for all your support.


“I honestly believe what you are offering can help transform the world of infertility— the combination of great practitioners and your programs can turn a situation that feels dire to one that feels magical. I have been doing some support work with women who are going through IF and I tell them that the first thing they should do is download or get the relaxation fertility CDs….. once I have a little time I will write you a bit about my experience with your Happy Birth program. I used other meditations for my last birth but found that certain statements on happy birth were much easier to “cling to” in the middle of such a quick labor. I was able to turn everything over to my body and trust that my body was taking care of me– and the baby.

Congratulations to you — you are helping create happy births one at a time– a huge gift to women and families every where. Keep up the amazing work.

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