Trying to Conceive After Age 40

CB_conceive40I hear from a number of women who are over 40 and wondering if our programs can help them to achieve their dream of having a baby. In fact, we recently received a call on our customer service line from a kind woman who inquired about our pregnancy program. After answering her questions about it she opened up to us to share her incredible story, and I want to share it with you today:

At 47 years of age, and with an 8 year-old who had been conceived through IVF, I decided to try the Circle + Bloom Natural Cycle Program. A few weeks later, I happened to go to my OB for my annual exam. I had been late for my period and told the doctor as such, thinking that maybe I was pre-menopausal. To my delight and amazement, my doctor told me that I was in my early stages of pregnancy. If this could happen for me, I am hopeful for other women in their 40s who wish to become pregnant naturally!

So is it possible for women over 40 to conceive naturally? Heck yeah! Here’s some more wonderful feedback we’ve received from other women who were over 40 and trying to conceive and found that our Circle + Bloom programs helped them on their journey:

Trying to Conceive After Age 40

Please shoot me an email or comment below if you have any experience you want to share with others regarding age and trying to conceive. And as always I look forward to hearing from you with your questions, comments, and stories of hope.

With love+gratitude,

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  • ingrid phulu June 17, 2014, 10:52 am

    i have baliteral tube blockage, can your programme help. i m 40yrs

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