You asked, we answer! The top 8 Q&As about Circle + Bloom

Hello! We wanted to take the opportunity to share some of our most commonly asked questions about Circle + Bloom with you. For more questions and answers, check out our FAQs page at or email any of us with specific questions. We hope that this will give you a clearer understanding of how our programs will work for you!

  1. Will the program work for me if I have longer/shorter cycles?

  2. Yes, our programs are adaptable to shorter and longer cycles. You can skip, repeat, or double up on sessions as needed and still get 100% of the benefits. Remember, it’s not the exact timing that matters, it’s that you take time for yourself every day for an enjoyable, relaxing way to feel in greater control over your body and health.

  3. What is the best way to use the program to maximize effectiveness?

  4. While you can listen to the program anytime and anywhere, we suggest using headphones and doing it somewhere you can lay down and be fully relaxed. Make sure you really are giving yourself a full 15 minutes per day to reduce stress and open the powerful mind-body connection without distraction, and you can make incredible strides to improving your fertility and overall health and wellness.

  5. I keep falling asleep while listening to the programs. Will it still be as effective if I listen while I am asleep?

  6. We do often hear that women are getting better rest while using our programs regularly, so that’s good news. In relation to sleeping while listening – we believe that your brain is still hearing the program while you are asleep, so it is still very effective and powerful, but we also suggest to listen again while you remain awake to really put yourself into the experience full conscious. So, I wouldn’t fret, but if you are sleeping through each session, you might want to pick a different time of the day to listen as well so you can also play a more interactive role with the materials so to speak.

  7. Does the program work for women who are over 35 and attempting to get pregnant? If so, how does it address the needs of women in declining fertility?

  8. Absolutely! Our programs have nothing to do with age but everything to do with implementing relaxation to help improve fertility. Learning to use the brain to connect with the body through guided visualization can potentially bring about a physical response to improve fertility and well-being for women of any age!

  9. Should I listen more than once per day to get double or triple the effects?

  10. There is certainly no harm in listening more than once, but we would suggest that you spend that time – if you find it useful – to do yoga, mindful walking, breathing exercises, meditation, listening to soothing music, and journaling to help round out the program. If you find it best to listen to each session twice per day for you, then it certainly wouldn’t hurt.

  11. How can I augment the program?

  12. We have found that the program can be enhanced by performing other relaxation-inducing actions, such as listening to soothing music, yoga, acupuncture – and especially journaling. Picking yourself up a nice looking journal, while letting the words flow about anything that crops to mind can be incredibly therapeutic. Studies have shown that by writing down events that have caused pain can possibly be more therapeutic than talking it through with a therapist. Throughout the program, we pose certain questions towards the end of each session that hopefully will illicit certain thoughts and emotions that can be written about on your own. It’s not necessary, but it certainly can’t hurt.

  13. How does the mind-body connection work? Is it more than just hypnosis?

  14. Over the past few decades the effectiveness of guided imagery and visualization has been established by research findings that demonstrate its positive impact on health, creativity, and performance. We know that just ten minutes of imagery can reduce blood pressure and lower cholesterol. Guided visualization had also been found to be very effective for the treatment of stress, which has been shown in various studies to have an overall negative affect on fertility. Imagery is at the center of relaxation techniques designed to release brain chemicals that act as your body’s natural brain tranquilizers, lowering blood pressure, heart rate, and anxiety levels. By and large, researchers find that these techniques work. Because the body cannot tell the difference between what it is actually experiencing versus what you are only visualizing, we can essentially communicate directly with our body and instruct it to function in a certain way.

  15. Why does being relaxed play a major role in achieving a successful pregnancy?

  16. Relaxation helps you to reduce stress, which is being found to affect most of our bodily systems and make-up, especially the affects on our fertility, and prepares you for the guided visualization exercises. When you relax you are better able to utilize the mind-body connection, and because the body cannot tell the difference between what it is actually experiencing versus what you are only visualizing, we can essentially communicate directly with our body and instruct it to function in a certain way…in this case, to achieve a successful pregnancy!

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