3 Steps Towards Creating a Mind-Body Habit Everyday for Pregnancy

Whenever I approach the challenge of creating a new habit – whether it is start a new exercise routine or to eat better – I have found it’s always easier when others before me lead the way and provide advice on how best to do it. Our intent with this post is to do two things: (i) convince you why making a mind-body habit is worth your daily attention to help you get pregnant; and (ii) to give you some ideas to get started (or to stay on the path).

I’m so convinced of our ability to use our brain power to stay healthy and balance our reproductive health for optimum fertility and do other things like improve our eyesight, increase our ability to fight cancer, and even lose weight. As we discussed in the past, this whole concept of using our brain to direct our bodies has been scientifically proven even on a molecular basis and it’s time we all start putting this to work. Why isn’t this taught in medical school at this point is beyond me – and a a focus of a future post that I promise to write about.

So, if we can improve our health in any manner that we wish, isn’t that worthy of 15 minutes a day? Especially if it means finally joining the positive party and getting pregnant to build your family?

Three easy methods and ideas to start a mind-body habit:

1. Plan ahead and select the times of the days that will work for you. For a long time, I was fortunate enough to find myself on a bus 45 minutes twice a day where every bit of time was my own. I could read, write, do some research and yes, I did mind-body exercises. Don’t take too drastic a step, but integrate 15 minutes into your schedule so that it is something you look forward to. Each day may be different in terms of when you decide to do the sessions, but plan in advance and stick to the schedule.

2. Put all of your attention into the sessions. Really try to clear your mind if possible, believe what you are doing is truly beneficial for you and your future, and dedicate your emotional self into the sessions. I guarantee if you do this, you will find yourself really enjoying the time, and therefore, creating a habit out of finding happiness and joy. I have seen women who have done this also have reaped the benefits of their desired outcome (or finding themselves pregnant).

3. Bring awareness inside and reflect throughout the day. You can easily integrate your mind-body exercises periodically throughout the day and strengthen the intention and outcome you desire for the highest possible benefit. Don’t let your cells forget what they are supposed to be doing – a simple awareness and mini visualization of your focus for the day is all that is required. Waiting for the elevator, or stopped at a red light? Take a deep breath and bring your awareness inside to find balance. Visualize adjusting your internal dials for hormone balance and trust your intuition to do so correctly. Any time you do this, you will also have the wonderful benefit of stress reduction throughout the day – or night for a great night’s sleep.

How have you incorporated mind-body exercises into your daily schedule? Do you consider it now a habit that would feel odd if you stopped? How have you benefited?

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