Adoption Video: Seeing Your Child for the First Time

I believe that everyone trying to get pregnant and having difficulty at some point contemplates what it would be like to adopt even if it is for a few moments. I’ve always said there is a courage associated with that decision – just like there is a courage in the decision in having your own baby. It changes your life completely and forever.

Break out the tissue before you watch this incredible video. This is of a young family seeing their adopted son for the very first time.

My best friend, Stephanie, is on this journey to bring a third child into their family and I get to witness this first hand. Not only me, but my family gets to see and experience what this is like. It’s love unbounded. I am hoping she will write about it for us…and plan to see the photos.

Peter, the Dad in the video, writes “my wife Andrea and I are adoption advocates and are always looking to encourage others to follow their calling. Also check out Adoption Fathers, a website I started to serve as a resource for prospective adoptive fathers. Thanks again for your note and please let me know if there is anything else I can do to support your or your families.”

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