The World Stage

I’d like to boast a tiny bit – and maybe you will indulge me. Having launched Circle+Bloom less than a year ago, we have created an unbelievable groundswell of enthusiasm and support and not just across the United States – but from all around the world. Just take a little glimpse at this image from our Google Analytics page that shows where our reach has extended – everywhere that is green…and the darker the green, the greater the intensity on a relative basis (the U.S. looks almost black…). We have had visitors from approximately 78 countries as of June. From South Africa to Canada, Australia and the Netherlands, Japan and Chile – and others in between. Amazing.

It’s clear that women all around the world are looking for answers to their reproductive challenges and our message of hope in being able to be more proactive with your own body has sparked something that has resonated.

We’ll have to start welcoming people like the website Flickr does – with a way to say “hello” in all of the many languages across the world….like Guten Tag!, G-Day!, Hoi!, Jambo!, Bonjour!, Fáilte! Namaste! Ciao! Konnichiwa!….

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  • Michelle June 3, 2010, 9:50 am

    wow, that’s really neat! Amazing how well (and far!) good ideas spread, isn’t it?

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