“Are You Saying This is All in My Mind!?!”

When we talk about the “mind/body connection,” the mind in this case is the part of our brain that subconsciously interacts with our body.  In one instance, it’s the part of our brain that tells our lungs to inhale and exhale, as well as convert the oxygen into food and energy in our blood.   This is the part of the brain that operates on its own, although, with skill, it’s something that can be influenced if we so choose.

So, this is not something that is “in your mind.”  If it was, I highly doubt there would be 7.3 million women in the U.S. with infertility.

The fact is, however, that the stress we experience in our modern existence does have ramifications in the body.  The rates of depression and anxiety are growing all the time, despite the efforts made in modern medicine.  Over the past century, medicine has become a science where diseases are now treated mainly with drugs, with little or no thought or attention to the mind’s role.  Dr. Herbert Benson’s groundbreaking book released in the late 1970s, called The Relaxation Response, revealed that with daily meditation and other stress-reducing exercises, we can bring high-blood pressure down to normal levels. His medicine is less science and more of an empathetic understanding of the whole interconnectedness of our very complicated molecular structures.  Everything works together – both on the positive and, unfortunately, on the negative as well.

The mind-body connection works very simply. Imagine at this moment biting into an apple, orange or a bunch of grapes. Take a moment or two to really imagine how it would taste…..and now feel the saliva in your mouth.  A real physiological change brought about by a single thought.  Amplify that now with a program like Circle + Bloom and imagine the possibilities.

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