A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins With the First Step

About two years ago, I was struck with the idea for Circle + Bloom™.  It seemed to grow and become more complex all on its own. Almost out of my control, I knew it needed to exist. It has become my passion, even with a full-time finance job and two young kids at home.  Vacations and weekends were my time to work on this project, and everyone in my life can attest to this craziness that has consumed me.

If not evident already, this idea revolves around the impact of stress and fertility. Throughout my 30s, this issue has come up in many ways – throughout my own struggle with pregnancy (which did end with a perfect outcome) and scores of friends who went through absolute heart-wrenching experiences. This has been underscored with my long-standing interest in mind-body health and the ability to illicit real physical changes through imagining meditation which is – the ability to use intense relaxation sessions combined with visual imagery to bring about real physical changes and open the possibilities for healing.

I really dove headfirst into multiple areas of medicine, mind-body connection, reproductive health, etc. – reading anything I could get my hands on, talking with experts in the field, interviewing friends who are experiencing unexplained infertility, drafting the Circle & Bloom program, etc. I even took classes on website programming.

I will be very honest with you at all times:  I am not a doctor, nor will I ever pretend to be. I am not a therapist, hypnotist, or any other medical person in any way shape or form. I will never promise that I can “get you pregnant” with any potions, magic-pill or any other such nonsense – nor am I a faith-based devotee like the Christian Scientists, etc.  But, with the infertility rate rising each year, I believe there is a fundamental problem with the overall approach to fertility issues.

The standard approach to solving fertility problems is from the neck down, when a full body approach examining underlying the emotional state and anxiety levels may help to turn things around.

I invite you to join us into how we can take control of these issues ourselves by researching the mind-body effects on our reproductive health. Your comments, questions, support for others will all work to create a place where we all learn to realize our full potential.

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