We are happy to introduce our NEW Tell-A-Friend Program. In addition to giving your friend the gift of taking time for themselves to help reduce stress, we are now adding two more reasons to share with your friends. Reason NO. 1: 15% off for your friend on their first order. Reason NO. 2: You get [...]

Getting Granular

Maybe you are like me, but I always found when reading books and materials about fertility - the topics surrounding the technical details of what your LH, FSH, ovulation, progesterone, temperature, pituitary glands all were supposed to be doing - I would usually be put right to sleep.  Maybe it was a combination of the [...]

Trying Not to Try

In speaking with women trying to get pregnant, more times than anything else it became clear that the words "trying to relax" were the last words that they would want to hear. Typically, the reason had fundamentally to do with the idea that the fertility problems stemmed from their head, sometimes with blame and guilt [...]

When we talk about the "mind/body connection," the mind in this case is the part of our brain that subconsciously interacts with our body.  In one instance, it's the part of our brain that tells our lungs to inhale and exhale, as well as convert the oxygen into food and energy in our blood.   This [...]

About two years ago, I was struck with the idea for Circle + Bloom™.  It seemed to grow and become more complex all on its own. Almost out of my control, I knew it needed to exist. It has become my passion, even with a full-time finance job and two young kids at home.  Vacations [...]