Because It’s That Time Of Year, This Happened

There comes a point, usually around December 15th or so that I finally start getting into the holiday spirit. And then it hits me like a warm blanket. That cozy feeling that everything seems right in the world.

I remember living in New York City and getting this feeling. There is nothing like walking around the streets of New York with the hustle and bustle of city life, with the extra excitement of the season making everything sparkle a bit more than usual. A beautiful thing.

But until then? Not so much.

Before December 15th, there is just a lot more stress than usual. More demands on your time, more to-dos on your list, more things to remember. And don’t forget about the additional financial commitments and decisions going on as well.

And on top of all of this? The stress and struggle of infertility… and what that means for you. In fact, last year we wrote The Tiny Guide to Holiday Sanity to provide you with one more tool in your toolbox.

So, we thought we would extend an early gift to you… A special holiday discount of not 10%, not 20% – but a whopping 25% that we hope helps you make the decision to download and get started with on your new journey of taking greater control over your fertility…and more importantly…your state of mind!

Because there is no better investment – or gift that we can make but to ourselves!

Hurry as the coupon will expire on December 15th!


With love + gratitude –

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