Circle + Bloom Announces Partnership With Ovuline

We are thrilled to partnering with the fabulous Ovuline, the only complete conception process designed by Harvard doctors and proven to reduce time to pregnancy by 50%. They’ve got everything covered, from fertility supplies to fertility tracking, and they give you one easy online and mobile tool to access your fertility forecast, data entry, reminders and your fertility and health summaries. It’s an essential tool to predict ovulation and conceive.

In addition, they offer a Smart Fertility Kit with a month’s supplies to maximize fertility and conceive faster. And since Ovuline is completely personalized, your dashboard tells you when and how to use your supplies. We wanted to share this with you, so we are offering a giveaway for an Ovuline Gold Access Membership and a deal on the Smart Fertility Kit. Go to YourFertilityDeals to check them out, and read the guest blog below from Jen at Ovuline.

When you spend so much of your adult life trying NOT to get pregnant, it can come as a rude shock to discover that often, getting pregnant is hard. Difficult, frustrating, emotional…and involving science that we probably should have learned at some point but never did.

A woman’s ovulation date is perhaps the single most important piece of data in the conception process, but pinpointing ovulation is difficult. Most women don’t have 28-day cycles with ovulation on day 14, and predicting the date of ovulation can involve confusing physical signs, cumbersome charting, tests, and temperatures.

At Ovuline, we created an algorithm to help women get pregnant faster. We do the analysis of the data you’ve entered, as well as over 700,000 data points entered by our other users, to generate a fertility score each day so that you know when you’re at your most fertile. And we’ve proven that our analysis works; our users get pregnant three times faster than the national average.

We also embrace the idea that conception involves more than just an egg and sperm. Improving mental and physical health are important steps for a woman to take when she wants to get pregnant, and we’re excited to be working with Circle+Bloom to raise awareness of the benefits of meditation and visualization. Controlling stress is a great way for women to help manage their fertility and overall health. We’re so excited about Circle+Bloom, in fact, that we’re giving away an Ovuline Gold membership (a $49.95 value) to a lucky Circle+Bloom reader. We’re also offering Circle+Bloom readers a 20% discount on our Smart Fertility supply kit and Ovuline Gold memberships; just enter code CBFRIENDS at checkout.

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