Circle + Bloom Launches Program To Help Boost Energy Levels

The company has created a mind-body program to improve energy levels and help people get better sleep


Montclair, NJ – June 14, 2010 – Circle + Bloom™ announced the release of a new four session mind-body program to create energy for empowerment.  The medical and scientific community continues to discover new information about how the mind and body interact and how stress impacts people’s health on many levels.  With this knowledge and understanding, people can become empowered to take more control of their health and wellness treatments, including improving levels of energy and sleep patterns.

“Your brain changes your molecules. It does so every single second at a subconscious level. Our advanced mind-body therapy teaches you to begin to consciously direct the changes in your body through the use of guided visualizations. This is a technique that has been used for decades for cancer – and now for the first time we have a therapeutic program to improve our energy levels through the power of the mind.,” said Joanne Verkuilen, Founder and Partner of Circle + Bloom.

The program addresses four key areas that impact energy levels: Metabolism, Endocrine Health, Circulation and Sleep.   The four unique sessions are each about 20 minutes long, for just about 80 minutes of recording.  The program is simple Mp3 files that can be played from any number of devices, such an iPod, computer or other digital playing device, and can be listened to on customers schedule.  No need for office visits.  Each session is an enjoyable combination of music and words that allow a person to fall into a deeply relaxed state and find unlimited energy.

One of our beta-testers commented, “I loved the program! It helped me regain my energy throughout the day and made me become more optimistic in life. You sleep better at night and wake up rejuvenated. I would recommend this program to anyone!”

The program uses powerful visualization techniques, taking a person on a journey inside their body with the mind’s eye, helping the body find balance, health and energy. The body cannot tell the difference between an actual physical experience versus a visualizatopm, which creates the ability for a self-healing mind-body connection. It sounds complicated, but Circle + Bloom has done all the research and crafted this special, enjoyable and easy-to-use program to use this incredible mind-body intelligence we all possess.

About Circle + Bloom™ LLC

Incorporated in 2009, Circle + Bloom is a women-run business seeking to passionately bring mind/body solutions to women’s health issues and general well being.  Joanne Verkuilen, Founder and Partner, Susan Cooke, Co-CEO and Bernie Siegel, M.D. and Dr. Josiane Caggiano are members of Circle + Bloom’s Advisory Board.  Circle + Bloom publishes a blog that was noted as one of the top 50 Health Blogs to watch in 2010.  Their current mind-body programs include Natural Fertility Program, IVF/IUI Program, Post-Conception Program and the newly released Energy for Empowerment Program.  More information can be found at

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